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Sip on some happiness with Poulain hot chocolate

People often claim that nothing in life is constant and everything is bound to change eventually. Well, to those people we say - have you ever tried chocolate? Because while it might be true that most things don’t have a tendency of remaining the same at all times, the undoubtable greatness of chocolate definitely does! Since the day it was first introduced to the world, this incredible creation has constantly been bringing joy to all who’ve had the privilege of tasting it.

And, as it turns out, it’s none other than Mr. Victor-Auguste Poulain we have to thank for the fact that all of us have been able to delight in chocolate for a while now. Apparently, he was the first sensible person ever to try chocolate because he tasted it and immediately realized that it was nothing short of a crime to keep something as miraculous only for the richest of the rich. So, in 1848, he started mass-producing it himself. Thus, Poulain - one of the oldest and most influential French chocolate brands - was created.

And well, since chocolate was originally drunk, not eaten, it’s only fitting that we offer you the best of Poulain - their hot chocolate mixes!

It’s Monday morning, and life seems especially annoying? Make some French hot chocolate for breakfast - who would dare to judge you?! The sleeves of your sweater aren’t long enough to warm your hands with? A cup of hot chocolate will help with that too! It’s the holiday season, and you’re watching your favorite Christmas movie with your family? Guess what goes best with festivities and chilly weather? Yup, it’s that thick and velvety liquid in your Santa Claus-shaped mug. Quickly make some homemade whipped cream, add a handful (or two) of (fine, three) marshmallows, shave some more chocolate on top, and if you’re still not happy after taking the first sip… Well...Maybe you should’ve let it cool down a little, and it wouldn’t have burned you!

All jokes aside, if you’re a fan of hot chocolate, this Poulain mix is bound to become an absolutely essential addition to your life. And if you’re not a fan of hot chocolate… We’re very, truly sorry!

“Marie Kondo” your daily diet with French hot chocolates from Yummy Bazaar

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