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Japanese cuisine is one of the most diverse, versatile, and exciting culinary cultures in the world. From traditional flavors to inventive aromas, there is something to be found for every taste within its limitless options. But having an endless list of foods to choose from can often be pretty confusing, so we made sure to create a colorful collection of the most popular Japanese products we have to offer. And in order to prove just how diverse they are, we’re going to spend an entire day only eating quintessential Japanese goods!

Now, what’s the first thought that pops in your head when you wake up? Cause ours is definitely coffee. The day doesn’t start before the first sip of this refreshing beverage is consumed! Whether you have enough time to make an aromatic cup of Japanese drip coffee, or you’re running out the door with a bottle of UCC unsweetened black coffee, you are guaranteed to find an aroma to suit your schedule! As for those of you who prefer tea, we offer either the incomparable classic Yamamotoyama Japanise jasmine tea, Kirin’s rich cold brew tea that’s ready to go whenever you need it, or plenty of other options of popular Japanese teas that you can choose from! And don’t forget to pair your morning caffeine hit with Japanese milk bread or the decadent Melonpan - Japanese melon bread for a perfect start to the day!

For a perfect lunch, you can go with Japanese rice and find the most convenient option, like Dynasty steamed jasmine rice or the inimitable Tamanishiki ready-to-eat premium rice and pair it with your favorite flavors! For days when you’d rather enjoy some Japanese noodles, opt for the exquisite Myojo Ippeichan Yakisoba noodles and delight in the richest aromas. Finish off your perfect meal with a chilled bottle of the most refreshing popular Japanese drinks like matcha green tea ramune soda, and go on with your day with a new boost of energy.

Now, how about those extremely long hours between lunch and dinner? Lucky for you, we’ve got more than enough popular Japanese snacks to choose from! Whether you decide to go for some wasabi crackers with seaweed, sweet senbei Japanese rice crackers, or decadent Japanese Oreo crispies, you’re guaranteed to enjoy every single bite!

And as for a perfect dinner - well - how about we cook up a storm? Get your hands on a pack or two of stunning Kagayaki six-grain rice, aromatic Mizkan mirin sweet cooking seasoning, a Japanese spice mix of your choosing, like furikake seasoning with salmon and Wakana, classic Japanese condiments like Kewpie mayonnaise, Shikoku Meiji first press yuzu juice, or the most aromatic Japanese curry, mix and match according to your preferences, combine with your favorite sauteed vegetables and a desired source of protein, and enjoy the easiest, most comforting Japanese flavors for a satisfying dinner.

And as for a perfect end to a day full of culinary experiments, savor a couple of matcha daifuku mochi, a packet of classic Pocky sticks, or another one of your favorite popular Japanese desserts from our collection!

There is no end to all the exquisite popular Japanese products that people absolutely adore, but that’s all part of the fun! You get to peruse our unbelievably varied digital shelves and make new discoveries of your own. We’ve made sure to keep some hidden gems a secret for only the keenest of eyes, and now, we’d like to challenge you to find them and explore all of the culinary possibilities they have to offer!

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