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For a new hit of your party, try Spanish delight from Plaza Mayor!

At Yummy Bazaar, we’ve got the most delicious Spanish dessert waiting just for you to give it a taste and immediately fall in love! Are you ready to meet the renowned Plaza Mayor fig cake? This Spanish delight is famous for its signature aroma and delicate sweetness, perfect for anyone looking for a refined culinary experience from the comfort of their home!  

Established in 1790, Plaza Mayor is one of the oldest Spanish pastry shops, transformed into a delicious cultural phenomenon! Creating traditional artisan cakes and pastries, Plaza Mayor is the must-try for all the foodies or just anyone looking for new and unique flavors from around the world!

On our digital shelves, you’ll find legendary Spanish fig and Almond Cake, the superstar of the Plaza Mayor assortment, at the most affordable price! Delivering an unbelievable flavorful experience, this Spanish cake is guaranteed to become your new obsession! Even with the first bite, ripe figs flavor will pleasantly surprise your taste buds, leaving you wanting more and more! Paired with crunchy almonds, it’s the perfect sweet snack for anyone, a sweet lover or not! We like to elevate this delight with a dollop of greek yogurt on top, but for extra pizzazz, you can add fresh fruit jam, too! Now, you’ve got yourself a multilayered explosion of revitalizing sweetness! Pair it with your morning coffee or serve it at your next dinner party; trust us, this fig cake is an excellent dessert option for any occasion!

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