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Take a peek inside the Spanish pantry with Picuezo delights!

Spanish gastronomy is one of the most colorful festivals of the whole culinary world, a fiery fiesta of juxtaposing flavors joining forces to give simple dishes new, sophisticated life and take you for the most incredible sensory ride of your life. Even though Spanish food is nothing short of an exquisitely complex creation, it's unbelievably easy to get the hang of - no need for fancy cooking techniques, tips, or tricks - the secret of Spanish flamboyance, above all else, lies in the finest quality ingredients, bursting with natural goodness. So, whether you're missing your comfort food or want to give your daily menu a tasty update with Mediterranean inspiration, we're here to help. On Yummy Bazaar's digital shelves, you will find our favorite Spanish essentials every gourmand needs in their pantry - Picuezo, delivering household staples since 1918!

With us, you can add a luscious collection of tinned vegetables to your pantry and give your go-to recipes a refreshing update! Let's see what we have here for you, shall we? Picuezo XXL lentils are ready to take your plant-based diet to the next level. Spanish lentils are brown teeny-tiny delights, bursting with a mellow, pleasantly nutty flavor and satisfying bite. They are unbelievably nutritious, too! However, on top of all that, Picuezo treats are loved for peppery undertones, cheerfully tickling your taste buds and leaving you wanting more. When it comes to pairing these lentils with your favorite recipes, there's no limit to your culinary imagination, and the same goes for your kitchen arsenal since this massive 5.5 lbs can is guaranteed to last you a while (well, if you love lentils as much as we do, then guess not that long). If you're trying to dabble into the spicy world of Spanish cuisine, pair lentils with piquant Chorizo, serve as a tapas, and thank us later!

Oh, and would you look at those tiny little beaks?! No, they're actually named little beaks - looking at Picuezo XXL Piquillo peppers, it's not too hard to guess why! Carrying pleasant sweetness and mild heat, these peppers are bound to make you fall in love with Spanish cuisine; if you’re not already there, - get ready to be hypnotized with the most satisfying sensations! Piquillos are the signature variety of the Lodosa region, Northern Spain. For years, these peppers have been harvested only for locals; however, about 40 years ago, all of that changed. Being featured in one of the restaurant's main dishes, piquillos became the talk of the town of San Sebastian - demand increased, supply followed, and now these Spanish delights are available to be delivered right to your door. Oh, and did you notice? Picuezo jar contains whole Spanish piquillo peppers - that means stuffing them with goat cheese, paella, seafood (or anything else you’d like to nibble on) would be the best way to indulge your taste buds with these delights. Serve them with your charcuterie board and take your appetizers game to the next level of deliciousness!

And we have to finish with something extraordinary; we're sure you've heard enough about these treasures - Picuezo white beans are bound to become your secret culinary weapon in a blink of an eye! White beans usually have a delicate flavor, ready to serve as a perfectly luscious base for your salads, stews, or anything else you might think of cooking for a quick lunch. Being crucial for many traditional Spanish recipes, white beans craft incredibly hearty undertones when paired with chorizo soup. So, if you want to pep up your Sunday dinner with something wholesome, shop for Picuezo beans, and get cooking!

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