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Italian bees deserve so much buzz! Shop Piccolo Renato chestnut honey only at Yummy Bazaar!

Famous for its lush scenery, the Veneto region of Northern Italy is renowned for delicious reasons, too! Once you visit the rural area of the Padova province, you'll see adorable little bee farms run by the Piccolo Renato family, a premium producer of monofloral honey. We have to be honest: we love everything about this family business: Piccolo Renato sources ingredients from the greenest area, far away from all the pollution, and all honey products are hand processed! And that's not all: Piccolo Renato's honey is raw, so it's neither filtered nor chemically pasteurized! So, if you're looking for the perfect honey to add to your breakfast or homemade desserts, Piccolo Renato is the ideal choice!

In our delicious collection, you'll be able to get your hands on Piccolo Renato chestnut honey! If you've ever traveled to Italy in Autumn, you know that chestnuts are practically everywhere, so chestnut honey is as Italian as it gets. This delicious treat is considered one of the best dark honey worldwide, so be prepared to taste the greatness! This Italian raw chestnut honey is dark, complex, and mysterious since the words can't really describe it (we will try, but it definitely won't do this delight justice!). Here are some things you should expect from this charming jar - it's filled with a unique flavor explosion of chestnut; after well-balanced sweetness, there comes subtle signature bitterness that will instantly excite your taste buds and will leave you wanting more! Piccolo Renato's Italian chestnut honey is the absolute best combination for your cheese board and Italian white wine! So, for your next party, you know exactly what to serve!

If you consider yourself a true honey enthusiast, you must also check out Piccolo Renato coriander honey; its mesmerizing amber color might've caught your attention already! This Italian raw coriander honey is filled with floral aroma, accompanied by earthy undertones! Famous for its health benefits, coriander honey is the ultimate way to sweeten your morning tea or even coffee! But, we know precisely what our gourmand customers are thinking right now: a perfect piece of salmon with the coriander-honey glaze - YUM! Now, this is the definition of finer pleasures! Shop for Piccolo Renato delights right now, and we will deliver your order right away, just in time for your Sunday dinner preparations!

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