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Enjoy the flavors of the French seaside with Perard’s fish soup

Who doesn’t like to travel? Getting lost in the streets of a foreign city and walking from one significant sight to the next until your feet go completely numb - everything is more enjoyable when you’re visiting a place you’ve never been to before. But food is still easily the most exciting part of discovering a new culture. And more often than not, what you’ll realize is that each cuisine perfectly reflects the history, attitudes, and geographic specificities of the country it belongs to. So while you might not be able to travel wherever and whenever you want, delighting in the flavors that are integral to your dream destination is still a pretty solid way of seeing the world.

And because we are pretty sure that none of you would refuse a quick little visit to the French coast, we created this carefully curated selection of the most authentic French seafood soups by Perard. Packed in these jars are not only some of the most delicious and convenient meals you could ever have but also every single flavor that you’d experience sitting in an outside restaurant somewhere along the côte d’Azur, with refreshing sea breeze cooling you down and the complete freedom of a strange country making you feel invincible. Perard offers you more than just some French fish soup in a jar. It’s an entire vacation without ever leaving the comfort of your home!

Perard Soupe - it’s French for the most delicious meal to ever come out of a jar

If you crave history with your meals, their French fish soup is exactly what you need! Contained in each jar is the recipe that started it all. When Serge Perard was forced to find a way of making something edible out of scraps that he could scavenge during the rationing of WW2, he managed to create his first fish soup out of the simplest of ingredients. The recipe’s unexpected success prompted him to develop it even more, and once he had access to more food, that’s precisely what he did! This recipe was at the very core of the first Perard restaurant established in 1963. And by popular demand, it became available to purchase in jars not even a year later.

Although not as historically significant, Perard’s French crab soup is definitely just as delicious! With its refreshing, full-bodied flavor profile and effortless accessibility, you’ll feel like a delighted tourist in no time! But if you want to taste the full luxury of France, you have to go with French lobster soup! There is nothing more decadent and classic in all of Mediterranean riviera!

Why are you still even reading this? You should’ve been halfway to France at this point! Just pick your favorite flavor, order it, and we’ll deliver the entirety of Europe’s most beautiful coast straight to your door. It’s a dream come true, isn’t it?!

Find comfort in French soups with Yummy Bazaar

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