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You’re in luck cause today, we’re about to present you with the happiest discovery of your culinary dreams! Peppadew International is a premium quality brand, spoiling its customers with extremely unique products: it all started nearly 25 years ago when Peppadew discovered red Piquante Pepper, a completely new variety! And since then, Peppadew peppers have never been anything remotely ordinary! Amazing customers with each new delight, Peppadew is guaranteed to elevate any dish! So, if you’re interested in giving unique and delicious offerings a taste, browse through our online collection!

With us, you’ll find the bite-sized delight Peppadew Mild Picante peppers! These mild Picante peppers are the perfect mix of sweet, tangy, AND velvety, as well as crunchy! Providing sharp taste, biting into these peppers feels like munching on the ultimate freshness of nature! But don’t just take our word for it; shop for these delights now, and feel free to elevate your salads, pasta, or anything else your taste buds desire! And once you give them a go, we’re sure you will be coming back for more. This is why we’re carrying Peppadew sweet Picante peppers in bulk! Tangy, spicy, and exciting, this unique gift will last you a lifetime!

We also happen to have magical Peppadew Hot Picante peppers soaked in sour brine! The hotness is well-balanced, so it’s perfectly snackable, even straight from the jar! Bright redness and delicious crunch make these peppers the perfect addition to your antipasto, paired with cured meats and fresh vegetables! If you’re looking for something even more fun, try making pepper spread from this delight: coat your peppers with anything you like: mayo or even cream cheese, and add fresh herbs as a topping! Trust us; it will become your new comfort snack!

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