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Only the most decadent French flavors with Maison Pebeyre

Within the culinary world, French cuisine especially, some ingredients are so luxurious and flavorful that the smallest amount can go a long way and elevate the simplest of tastes to heavenly experiences. These are the treats you want to spare and enjoy every morsel of, because they are just too good to waste.

When Pierre Pebeyre was establishing his brand in 1897, he probably had one of those ingredients in mind because the final results are definitely proud members of the aforementioned club. If we’re talking about luxury, Pebeyre is one of the first brands that come to mind. Aromatic, inimitable products made out of the highest quality ingredients - the secret behind the brand’s success is that simple! So peruse our carefully curated selection of only the best Maison Pebeyre has to offer and discover the magical additions that can perform miracles in your cooking!

Could anyone pass us the summer truffle salt, please?

Spectacular as a glaze for the thanksgiving turkey, smoked ham, or as an addition to cheeseboard - our French truffle honey is not only utterly delicious but also mouthwateringly aromatic! Pair it with traditional combinations or experiment and let your imagination soar! Don’t worry about the risk that comes with improvisational cooking - as long as you’ve got a jar of Pebeyre’s French truffle mayonnaise, no amount of failure can hurt the final flavors of your meal! This magical condiment can transform unsalted fries into a culinary masterpiece - imagine what it can do to food that’s actually well-made!

You could also turn your regular bowls of pasta into a Michelin-star-worthy dish by making a rich, creamy sauce with our winter truffle pieces or with only a few drops of some premium truffle juice! And if you’re after something that can instantly enhance flavors, add deeper aromas and a bit of character to all your meals, give our truffle oils or the incredible summer truffle salt a go! These finishing touches will turn every plate into a festive celebration!

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