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If you’re all about the fresh, crumbly, and perfectly sweet cookies, we have something extra special for you! Something that’s just as tasty as romantic, just like Paris! We have compiled a beautiful selection of authentic Oui Love It French cookies so that you can give them as Valentine’s day treats or simply enjoy them as your breakfast accompaniment with a cuppa. These delicate cookies from a traditional classic French family-owned brand will undoubtedly make you say the golden words: “Yes, love it!”.

For all the foodies who adore freshly baked biscuits, we have some of the very best Oui Love It cookies for you! Let’s start with the most romantic, adorable, and deliciously aromatic cookies! Oui Love It palmiers shaped like hearts and delicately toasted to sweet and crunchy goodness make for a perfect dessert for sharing! Whether you want to grab a quick and tasty snack along with a cup of tea or give them to your loved one as a special romantic day celebration, French palmiers will not disappoint!

Looking for an elegant way to serve your ice cream? Oui Love It cat tongue cookies with a soft center and crispier edges will undoubtedly entertain you with addictive texture and ideally balanced sweetness. These divine cookies are so delicious; you won’t get enough of them!

Searching for those French nostalgic, aromatic, and crunchy yet buttery cookies? Oui Love It Palet Bretons will serve you as the most simple yet extremely versatile and delicately toasted pastry. These pleasantly crusty biscuits are perfect for sharing at tea parties and dunking in any sauce, so don’t be afraid to experiment with them! If delicately toasted pastries are your thing but you’d prefer something with more sweetness than Bretons, enjoy Oui Love It sables coco cookies with a burst of delicate coconut flavor in every bite! Pair them with whipped cream or chocolate, and enjoy!

One of the most authentic and traditional cookies are French ladyfingers originating in the 15th century. Oui Love It boudoirs Ladyfinger biscuits are delicately toasted cookies with a light and crunchy texture that softly melts in the mouth with buttery flavors. Shaped like little sweet cookie sticks, these French pastries make for an enjoyable snack to pair with not only your favorite hot drinks but also use as a little decorative touch to your trifle or cheesecake.

For the best gluten-free French cookie option, grab a bag of Oui Love It madeleines filled with delicately soft, shell-shaped buttery cookies with an irresistible aroma along with a delicate sweet taste. The simplicity of these cookies will make them a great snacking addition to a balanced diet. Add some whipped cream, sandwich them with your favorite jam, pair them with a cup of tea and enjoy!

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