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Perfect your Korean dishes with a dash of gochujang: Shop Ottogi bibimbap paste online!

When it comes to South Korean cuisine, it’s no surprise that gochujang, a fermented red pepper sauce, is the true backbone of its food tradition. With its spicy-sweet flavors, gochujang paste brings a distinct heat to the most famous Korean dishes like budae-jjigae, scrumptious rice cake dish Tteokbokki, and most importantly, bibimbap - a dish consisting of rice topped with sauteed veggies, beef and eggs. These popular dishes are simply unimaginable without the heat-igniting touch of gochujang, and today, we are here to introduce you one of the most exquisitely made Korean bibimbap paste so that you can make your very own bibimbap and bring the signature Korean gochujang spice to your home-cooked recipes. The secret is only a drizzle of our selected Ottogi bibim paste!

On our digital shelves, you will be able to get your hands on Ottogi Korean gochujang paste that’s not only packed with spicy but also sweet and sour flavors. The intense spiciness is certainly ideal for serving on bibimbap by simply seasoning white rice with vegetables and bibim jang and stirring them thoroughly with raw eggs and thinly sliced beef. With its mind-blowingly delicious flavor, Korean bibimbap paste will not only help you perfect your traditional Korean bibimbap but also make for a versatile addition to anything from noodles to rice dishes!

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