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Making a delicious glass of boba tea has never been easier: Shop O’s Bubble instant boba!

Made from squishy tapioca pearls and tea base, Bubble tea is the new ultimate drink of the summer or any other season! Originating from Taiwan, bubble tea is taking over the world right now: with just an initial sip, it soothes your taste buds and makes you feel at ease; who would want to miss out on any of it? However, instant bubble tea packs are gaining their well-deserved popularity on the market right now, too: they are easy, quick, and equally delicious to prepare in the comfort of your kitchen without much hassle and clean-up to do! So, instead of 30 minutes, it will only take you 60 seconds to indulge your taste buds with sticky-sweet boba tea!

On Yummy Bazaar, you can get your hands on delights made by one of the renowned manufacturers of instant boba tea - Taiwan’s favorite, O’s Bubble! Driven by the ceaseless (and very understandable) passion of having bubble tea at any time without much hassle, we think O’s Bubble stands out when it comes to instant boba packets. The brand has worked restlessly to create unique tapioca pearls that require minimal cooking time and effort without compromising luscious taste and chewy texture!

That’s precisely why we are fully stocked with O’s Bubble brown sugar boba - the ultimate Taiwanese instant boba ready to make or break (however, it’s guaranteed only to make, not break) your day with just one sip! This adorable box of non-frozen, all-in-one boba tea will satisfy your cravings in the blink of an eye. Simply add hot water to an instant packet of tea, add boba pearls, and heat the glass in a microwave for 30 seconds! Voila, you’re all done! With O’s Bubble, everything’s so easy and quick - it only takes 60 seconds from your day, and in return, you get a delicately toothsome drink that seeps right into your taste buds.

Instant brown sugar boba delivered to your front door: Shop for ultimate sweetness at Yummy Bazaar!

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