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Ortiz Anchovies, Tuna & More

Spanish food is much more than just olive oil, wine, and potato tortillas. If you're from Spain or were lucky enough to live there, you already know this. But if you go by what markets carry outside of Europe, you'd be forgiven for having a limited view of Spanish cuisine. So, if you're trying to show friends what Spanish food is about, are homesick for the treats and brands you grew up eating, or are just curious as to what a daily diet in Spain might include, Yummy Bazaar is the place to start. You can look at our extensive online Spanish market or concentrate on a few foods at first, such as Ortiz seafood!

Yes, we now carry four types of Ortiz-brand seafood in jars and tins. Are you an anchovy fan, or do you know any pizza lovers who would adore Spanish anchovies on their pies? You can buy jars of anchovy fillets in olive oil or anchoas a la antigua, or grab a small tin of anchovies and peel back that lid for tasty, fishy treats. Sardine fans can get a jar of sardinas a la antigua, in which the fillets are fried and packed in olive oil.

Tuna is where Ortiz really shines. Try ventresca white tuna belly, a smooth, delicate part of the fish that is considered a delicacy. If you've ever had toro sushi, this is the same cut. Ortiz packs their ventresca white tuna belly in olive oil and salt.

Ortiz also offers other varieties of tuna in jars and tins. Try bonito del norte – yes, that bonito, the same stuff the dried flakes used in Japanese food are made of – or the Ortiz Family Reserve tuna in olive oil in tins and jars. You can find tuna in organic extra virgin olive oil as well. And if you want the great taste of Ortiz tuna in a readymade snack, we offer Ortiz piquillo peppers stuffed with tuna!

Of course, one jar or tin just isn't enough when you're a fish fan. This is why we offer multipacks of the ventresca white tuna belly in olive oil. Get two, four, five, or eight tins in a bulk-buy deal. These packs come with free shipping, so you don't have to calculate any extra costs on top of purchasing the fish itself.

Where to Buy Ortiz Seafood

By the way, did you know Yummy Bazaar offers free shipping on purchases of $59 and more? Combine your Ortiz seafood shopping with products from our other online collections for a cost-efficient culinary trip home. We're the premier supplier of Ortiz seafood and can ship products to you no matter where you are. Enjoy savory and smooth seafood straight from one of the best-known Spanish suppliers when you have Yummy Bazaar ship it right to your door!