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A warm cup of Onno Behrends tea can soothe most troubles away: So, shop now on Yummy Bazaar!

Don’t underestimate the power a warm cup of tea holds! Renowned for their therapeutic benefits, herbal teas reign supreme when it comes to signature sensory characteristics; sorry, Earl Grey, nothing personal! We are firm believers that you can find mindfulness in your cup of tea, and that’s precisely why we decided to carry the exquisite range of Onno Behrends herbal tea at our online marketplace!

Let’s start with the famous protagonist of the herbal tea collection - Onno Behrends chamomile tea! Chamomile tea is well-known for its soothing superpowers; that’s precisely why it has been one of the most interesting tea blends for scientists to research. And, we are happy that preliminary evidence supports our love for this delicious caffeine-free herbal tea! This powerhouse of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients can quickly soothe your mind and free you from lingering stress that’s making your daily tasks seem SO overwhelming. Just a sip of this delight right before bed is guaranteed to make you sleep like a baby!

In our collection, you can also get your hands on none other than Onno Behrends peppermint tea, aka freshness itself captured in teabags! Traditionally, it was used to relieve the discomfort of the digestive system. Once you give it a shot, this delicious blend of peppermint tea might become your new favorite, so we advise stocking up on Onno Behrends peppermint tea! This aromatic blend will be a deliciously refreshing and subtly sweet add-in for your early mornings! Give it a try - we will deliver your delights right to your front door in the blink of an eye!

Oh, and that’s not all - we hope you had the most delicious opportunity to meet Onno Behrends rosehip tea! This herbal infusion is bound to keep you warm and cozy whenever you’re feeling rundown by winter’s cold! Just one sip of rosehip tea is guaranteed to recharge your life force and give you that tasty energy boost! Just a little tip: mixing this decadent delight with fresh lemon slices or lemon curd will transform your drink into the most exciting flavor bomb - it will be the ultimate sweet-tangy kick for your grogy Mondays!  

Chamomile tea and a good book, aka the match made in heaven for your perfect Wednesday night!

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