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Upgrade Your Instant Noodles Game With Old Pot Rice Noodles!

Dear college students, if you’re reading this, that means you searched for ways to fancy up your instant ramen noodles, and lovely Google brought you here, to us! Well, that’s one hell of a smart search engine right there cause you came to the right place! At Yummy Bazaar, we are proud to present you with the most delicious Taiwanese rice noodles manufactured by Old Pot Rice Noodles!

Old Pot Rice Noodles is a Taiwanese brand, upholding traditional methods of making rice noodles. Made from specially selected long-grain rice from Taiwan, all Old Pot’s thin rice noodles have a mild flavor, similar to wheat noodles, but with a more delicate texture. It’s extensively used in Asian cuisine for many different things, like all-favorite stir-fries and even soups.  

Chicken stir fry made with Taiwanese Rice Noodles will be the perfect dish for exam weeks when you don’t have much time between study breaks. It will only take 20 minutes to prepare but it will keep you full till you’re done rereading that impossible-to-read chapter for the 7th time in a row. Chop, chop every second counts when it’s finals time!

To make a perfect stir-fry: cook Old Pot yummy noodles, drain salted water and get ready to fry thinly sliced chicken meat seasoned just the way you like. You can use a seasoning packet if you’d prefer! After that, you should add an ingredient packet to the skillet that comes with your noodles! You’re almost done; all you need to do is open up a flavored oil pack, maybe add some cornstarch, chicken broth, and just a little honey for a hint of sweetness to it, and your sauce is done too! Next, combine noodles with the ingredients on the skillet, pour sauce over and let everything simmer for four more minutes! Don’t give up! We all know you’re going to ace that exam anyways! Enjoy this delicious meal, and nourish your brain! After this delightful dish, there’s nothing that you can’t do!

Now, if you’re attending online, you have much more time on your hands, don’t deny it! So, take your laptop to the kitchen, listen carefully to your professor and maybe if it gets boring, instead of leaving your online class, entertain yourself with a new challenge! Cook our favorite thin rice noodles with mushroom and onion or fancy spicy shrimp rice noodles that come with every necessary ingredient! Even shrimp. But if you’re feeling risky, we are ready to give you some recommendations on how to whip up easy-peasy, flavorful shrimp garlic noodles with butter. Just add butter and thinly chopped garlic to the skillet, mix until everything is completely smooth. Then add cooked thin rice noodles, packaged flavourful oil, seasoning, and fresh green onions on top. Stir everything, and you’re done! Yum, but we just hope your professor doesn’t ask you anything while eating!

College-style Noodles Can Be Fancy With The Help of Yummy Bazaar!

Who said your college menu couldn’t be luxurious? With Yummy Bazaar, you’ll be able to try stir-fry-style rice noodles that taste like professional chefs made them just in time for your study break. So, don’t stress, eating well is essential for good grades! Browse Old Pot Rice Noodles at Yummy Bazaar with the most affordable prices, and you’ll fall in love with the whole different quality and taste of your familiar college food.

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