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Bringing the taste of Japan to your door with Ohmoriya nori sheets!

Nori needs no introduction - it’s one of the most famous edible seaweed varieties, thanks to its versatile culinary powers! It’s actually made from red edible algae and is pressed into crispy black or dark green sheets we all love rolling our sushi rice in! You probably know nori as a wrapping for sushi or onigiri, but it has its culinary powers beyond these dishes, too. Believe it or not, this delightful paper-like sheet can elevate any type of meal! If you want to know more about Japanese nori sheets’ culinary uses, all you have to do is check out Ohmoriya seaweed sheets - the ultimate all-in-one ingredient ready to elevate your pantry!

Ohmoriya sushi sheets will help you craft the best homemade onigiri of your culinary performance yet! However, this is not all these Japanese sushi sheets can do; they have a couple (more like a couple dozen) of culinary tricks up their sleeves! Japanese seaweed sheets will become your new obsession: try snacking on these crispy delights, and you will be substituting your ordinary salt & vinegar potato chips for this umami treat! For doubling savory undertones, try dipping nori sheets in soy sauce, and snack away! If you’re feeling adventurous, have a shot at recreating the traditional Japanese seasoning mixes - Furikake! It’s the ultimate festival of savory flavors; all you have to do is mix nori and sesame seeds, and voila! However, if you add salt to it, you’ll have Gomasio, another traditional Japanese seasoning blend! Now you’ve got your own mix to embellish any of your culinary creations with confidence!  

How about homemade sushi tonight? Shop Ohmoriya seaweed sheets for authentic flavors!

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