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Shop for Nutiva coconut products online and taste the tropical magic!

We have the yummiest surprise for our occasional try-ist gourmands and vegans! At Yummy Bazaar’s digital shelves, you will be able to get your hands on Nutiva organic, non-GMO, vegan products that are bound to replace your everyday kitchen staples! Established in 1999, Nutiva has been changing the wholesome organic food market: actively advocating for Fair Trade in the Philippines and zero-waste program, Nutiva has become synonymous with quality, loyalty, and mindfulness! That’s why Nutiva products are perfect not only for indulging your taste buds but for our planet, too! At Yummy Bazaar, we have crafted a magical collection of Nutiva coconut products so that you can substitute your everyday cooking oil, spread, or even flour with aromatic delights!

Let’s explore Nutiva’s world, shall we? With us, you can get your hands on one of the creamiest spreads of all time - Nutiva organic coconut manna! It’s made from the whole coconut blend and can be enjoyed straight from the jar! This coconut puree is the ultimate tropical add-in for smoothies, desserts, or even homemade pastries! However, we think its irresistible texture is bound to become the yummiest addition to your mornings - just spread this coconut manna on your warm buttered toast and treat yourself to some melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness!

And speaking of butter, you have the perfect replacement for you to double on coconut power - Nutiva coconut oil with buttery flavor! This organic coconut oil is combined with a delicious buttery flavor to craft something even more impressive than your regular butter or ghee! More importantly, it’s made from plant-based ingredients, so our vegan customers can treat themselves to this creamy delight without second thoughts!

And, now it’s time for none other than its highness itself - Nutiva organic virgin coconut oil - the ultimate treat in the kitchen (and sometimes even outside)! Virgin coconut oil can do everything, we’re sure; you need no convincing. However, Nutiva organic coconut oil has an incredibly creamy texture and appetizing aroma, making it the absolute best oil for sauteing, baking, and anything else your taste buds might desire! Nutiva organic olive oil has earned one of the highest marks for its nutritional value and provenance, so if you want to replace your cooking oil, this is your best option!

To hit your pantry with an aromatic tornado, you must check out Nutiva organic coconut flour! This organic coconut flour is made from the finest quality dried coconut meat. So, it’s the perfect option if you are looking for a gluten-free, versatile alternative to your regular flour! Order this delight, get your apron on, and before you decide what you are making, we will deliver your order right to your front door!

Wondering where to buy organic coconut oil? Look no further!

At Yummy Bazaar, you will be able to find the premium quality organic coconut oil made by Nutiva! If you’re looking for more international delights, gourmet goods, grocery items, and delicacies, all you have to do is peruse our online marketplace carefully! From traditional Chinese glass noodles to luxurious Swiss chocolate pralines, with us, you can get anything your taste buds might desire!

Simply browse our online collections, pick your favorite new flavors to try, and with one click, they’ll be on their way to your front door! We will deliver your order as quickly as possible, and on orders over $69, we will do so free of charge!