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If you’re a fan of rice creations, you must give Nozomi premium grade rice a try!

Next day fried-rice? Homemade sushi? Congee? We have a delicious surprise that can take on all of those culinary challenges like it’s nothing! Nozomi rice is a premium brand, delivering outstanding quality with their GMO-free delights, waiting for you to give them a taste. Made from carefully selected short-grain Japanese rice, Nozomi is grown in Sacramento Valley, California! But don’t worry, Nozomi Japanese rice tastes just as good as sticky Koshihikari from beautiful Hokkaido!

So if you’re a big fan of rice creations, you must get your hands on Nozomi Japanese-style rice! Trust us, its delicate texture and perfect chewiness are essential qualities that make it stand out from other local rice varieties! It’s unbelievably easy to prepare, and your options with Nozomi are practically endless! It’s the absolute best if you’re planning to make homemade sushi for your Sunday party! Steam it in the rice cooker, and start getting your sauces ready! Nozomi rice will turn out just the right amount of delicate and sticky! So, make sure your nori sheets are spread, and let’s start rolling! If you’re not prepared to dabble into Asian cuisine, we don’t need to rush things! Nozomi can quickly adapt to your Western recipes, too - use it as the perfect blank canvas for your salads or porridge!

Nozomi makes cooking Asian easy: So, shop at Yummy Bazaar!

Were you thinking about making sushi from scratch? Or you’re just craving delicious onigiris to munch on during your breaks?! No matter what’s on your cooking schedule, Nozomi premium short-grain rice will become an immediate staple in your household! Order now, and we will be happy to get your Japanese-style rice delivered by your front door as quickly as possible!

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