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Add naturally bold colors and seafood flavors to your dishes: Shop Nortindal cuttlefish ink online!

Prized for its unique umami-rich flavor, deep black color, and brininess, cuttlefish squid ink has been a long-time favorite ingredient in the Mediterranean, mainly Spanish and Italian cuisine. Gourmet chefs adore this authentic seafood with fresh sea fish flavor and hints of flavor that remind of soy sauce or blue cheese. To provide you with the best seafood infusion, we at Yummy Bazaar have created a curated selection of Spanish cuttlefish ink by Nortindal to provide you with the easiest ways to enhance your rice and pasta dishes!

Just like the majority of products marketed as “squid ink,” our selected Nortindal cuttlefish ink is made from the ink of a close squid relative, cuttlefish, which produces a very similar kind of ink with a more rounded and balanced flavor. When it comes to incorporating Nortindal cuttlefish squid ink into your dishes, make sure to use it with care by only adding a moderate amount to your meals, so you don’t overpower them with strong flavors. A rich infusion of cuttlefish ink, water, and salt create a balanced flavor while adding a distinct dark black color to anything it touches! Oh, and be careful with the staining, of course!

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