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Like A Punch In Your Mouth, But Yum: Shop Japanese Sour Candy!

Looking at Nobel candy packaging, you just can’t stop admiring its pop art, very Andy-Warhol-like design. It screams Japanese with its creativity. But you know what’s more interesting? How come the Japanese sour candy manufacturer brand is called Noble? That’s not a usual name, especially for a candy company. You’ll know after you give them a taste!

We guess that these Japanese sour candies are Noble-worthy! The serene aftertaste after the initial ZING, a strong punch in the taste buds, is the sweetest definition of peace you can ever come up with! Now that I’ve got you hooked, you might be starting to worry because there’s no Japanese grocery store near you. But don’t worry, you can get Nobel candy from Yummy Bazaar, just as fast (if not faster), so buckle up and hear what we’ve to say!

Noble candy is fun to look at, but it’s way more fun in your mouth! If you have a genuine fondness for good candy, you probably know how to appreciate the joy that comes with not-so-sweet treats. And if you’re a fan of that zingy taste, Nobel lemon fizzy candy is made just for you! This super lemon candy is a novelty snack with many different layers. When you get through the initial layer of lemon powder, you’ll feel refreshed, like you were just born again! AHH, here comes the fresh new start - with sweet lemon juicy filling inside! Well, this fizzy Japanese candy will reinvent you, maybe for a little bit, but that’s good enough, right?

You can get this life-altering experience with super cola candy too! The only difference is after you get through an initial stage of whole-body-shaking sourness, here comes the all-time favorite flavor of Colla, so calming and refreshing! So if you’re tired or have trouble waking up early in the mornings, just pop one of these bad boys, and you’re on your way out to run to work! It also comes in Super soda hard candy flavor, so instead of Cola, you’ll get the famous Japanese drink Ramune!

Shop The Best Asian Candy At Yummy Bazaar!

If you’re a true risk-taker or just love how shivers all over your body feel, you should unquestionably give Nobel hard candies a chance! Trust us; it will instantly wake you up and keep you pumped for the day!

At Yummy Bazaar, you can also find many more international yummy treats and foods. So take your time to peruse our unique selection of all things delicious. Also, keep in mind that on orders over +59$, shipping is free! So, buy now and get your order delivered right to your doorstep!