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Shop the ultimate umami treat: stock up on Tsuyu noodles soup base!

Hello? Did someone mention the most versatile condiment ever, bursting with exotic flavor explosions? Cause, we might have just the thing for you! Ninben Tsuyu Sauce is every foodie’s dream come true - it has a slight tang and subtle smokiness, with indispensable touches of tasty soy sauce! Unbelievably universal in its application, you can use this flavorful bottle of Ninben soup base, aka Tsuyu soy sauce, for your salads, soups, dipping sauces, or WHATEVER your taste buds might crave!

This traditional essence is the staple condiment of Asian cuisine, used in renowned traditional recipes, like Tantanmen ramen, Gyuudon, or Devil’s onigiri! But, trust us, capturing Asia’s unique essence in this pretty bottle, Tsuyu sauce will become your new mainstay for cooking anything! Feel free to use it as a concentrated soup base for your noodles, as a traditional Dashi stock or adapt it to western recipes! Let your imagination run free, and Ninben Tsuyu sauce will become your culinary masterpieces’ legendary protagonist!

Take your hot noodle soup to the next level with Ninben!

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