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Buy Nando’s peri peri sauces online and taste the flavors in every color!

From our daily lives to our meals - everything needs a bit of sauce to spice things up! Life’s too short for us to waste it on bland food, especially when it’s so easy to make everything more exciting by simply adding a dash of a balanced, flavorful sauce that was specifically designed to enhance your culinary experience.

So, in order to make sure that you always get to enjoy your food and never have to simply endure it, we compiled this mouthwatering collection of Nando’s peri peri sauces in various flavors that play with each other as well as notes in a well-written minuet. This classic African sauce is spicy (thanks to the impeccable African bird’s eye chili peppers), but it’s the kind of spice we all want - where the heat brings out all of the other flavors instead of overpowering them. It’s definitely got to become one of the essential sauces in your pantry. And with our diverse selection, one of them is guaranteed to strike your fancy!

For a classic staple that will go with every meal and never disappoint, opt for Nando’s hot peri peri sauce. It’s as versatile as sauces can get, and you’ll find yourself reaching for it constantly. But if you can really handle your heat, don’t hesitate, go with their XX hot peri peri sauce! This one’s not for the faint of heart, but if you dare to stand up to the challenge, you won’t be disappointed.

And since none of the recipes seem to ever include a large enough amount of garlic, we had to make sure to add Nando’s garlic peri peri sauce as well. It’s all of the classic aromas with a bit of extra flavor from everyone’s favorite ingredient. So add a bit of (or, if you’re like us, quite a bit of) this exquisite sauce to all of your favorite meals that could benefit from a little more diversity of tastes and a clove or two of garlic - yes, we’re aware that this description encompasses every meal any of us has ever cooked, but this sauce is simply that good!

As for those of you who enjoy tangier, zestier flavors with a splash of lively brightness, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with Nando’s coconut and lemon peri peri sauce, as well as their lemon and herb peri peri sauce. These marvelous concoctions are ready to uplift the heaviest of dishes, make them more delicate, light, and enjoyable. You could pair them with Nando’s Perinaise - also known as peri peri pepper mayonnaise. The tangy flavors of the sauce will cut through the richness of the mayo, thereby breathing a new life into all of your salads, buddha bowls, falafels, burgers, and sandwiches.

The best news is that you’re guaranteed to be utterly satisfied with the results no matter which option you choose. So peruse our digital shelves bravely and select all of your new pantry staples!

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