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There's nothing Namyang French café mix can't do: shop now and try for yourself!

In the mood for a decadent treat but don't have enough time or energy to run down to your favorite cafe to treat yourself to crispy Palmier and hot cuppa coffee? Believe it or not, French Café Gold was created just for times like these! Namyang Dairy has created a tempting line of rich coffee - French Café, made from the highest quality Arabica beans and milk! Being one of the firm favorites in Korea, Namyang French Café revolutionized the market with its premium quality ingredients list. Their products only use non-fat milk for creating "Café au lait" coffee flavors that steep right into your taste buds and indulge them with an unbelievably soft aftertaste! So, if you're a big coffee drinker, or you're just looking for an exquisite beverage to tide you over till the weekend, instant Korean coffee made by Namyang is just what you need!

And, like always, everything you need, you can find at Yummy Bazaar! That's why our digital shelves are fully stocked with French Café Gold 3-in-1 instant coffee, ready to fill you up with life-force and little extra pizzazz! The rich mix of Korean instant coffee will transport you to the corner table of the coziest French cafe, with the lushest scenery from your window - and that's what the first sip can do. Can you imagine the superpowers the whole cup holds? Delivering hearty sensations, an exquisitely clear, mild blend of Namyang French café mix comes in convenient sticks, so you can treat yourself to finer things whenever you need that little pick-me-up.

Oh, and almost forgot, the eye-catching box of Namyang coffee also includes delicious creamers and sugar packs, making it possible for you to adjust your cuppa to your preferences. That's why we're sure that French Cafe mix will become the newest collector's item for every coffee-lover who enjoys soothing blends. Shop now and start your day right with Namyang coffee!

French Café Gold, aka the essential addition to your busy life!

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