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Soft, airy, and delicious: Mr. Kipling cakes bring it all!

If you’re just as much of a fan of spongy, airy, and tasty desserts like we are, keep on reading because this is not the treat you’d want to miss out on! With over 50 years of experience, Mr. Kipling has been one of the largest cake manufacturers in the United Kingdom. With each dessert being made with high-quality ingredients, flavorful recipes tested by the time, and great care, our selection of Mr. Kipling cakes provides you with the brand’s signature cake slices beloved by customers all over the world. The center product of our selection? It’s none other than Mr. Kipling lemon slices made with fresh and organic ingredients!

Mr. Kipling lemon cakes are an absolute classic delight that offers a deliciously sweet flavor with a touch of lemon zest. These mouthwatering sponge cakes are topped with lemon icing to create an exceedingly delicious treat perfect for serving as a little afternoon treat! Brought to you in perfectly convenient packaging, you will receive eight Mr. Kipling lemon layered slices to open up and share with your friends and family. With its light, chewy and spongy texture, these fragrant lemon cakes make for the perfect tea companion, so order one and offer it to your guests at a tea party!

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