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Mortadella, One of the Oldest Italian Deli Meats

According to historical records, a variety of Mortadella sausage has been around since at least early Roman Empire times.

Mortadella is a slow-cooked pork sausage made from a combination of lean pork trimmings and cubed fat from a pig’s neck or cheek. It’s colored bright pink and is dotted with white specks of varied sizes throughout. It has a soft and silky texture, with only slight chewiness and a mellow but distinctly meaty flavor. The overall flavor profile largely depends on what kind of spices are used during production (black pepper, chili, myrtle berries, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and coriander are common, with certain varieties adding some kind of alcohol like white wine or Italian liqueur Alchermes).

Adding more robust ingredients to the Mortadella meat paste is common to amplify the overall flavor profiles. Often, you’ll find Mortadella speckled through with large green or small black dots alongside white, which usually indicates the sausage was made with the addition of black olives, pistachio nuts, or summer truffles.

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