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Taste the organic Italian gourmet pasta from Morelli

The true symbol of Italian cuisine, pasta, is undoubtedly one of the most delicious, versatile, and popular dishes in Italy and all around the world. There are so many kinds of pasta out there that it is almost impossible to truly distinguish high-quality, authentic Italian pasta. And for that reason, we have prepared a curated selection of gourmet Morelli organic pasta from Tuscany, so look no further! Morelli brings everything you need.

What is so special about Morelli Italian pasta? Since 1860, this family-run brand has utilized traditional artisanal methods of crafting its pasta. With its wheat aroma, unique flavor, and an abundance of vitamin A and vitamin D, Morelli’s organic pasta brings a lot more than just plain & simple pasta. So if you’re looking to add that authentic Italian gourmet soul into your favorite dish, browse through our selection and find your favorites!

Want to bring some traditional flavors of Tuscany to your table? We recommend uniquely crafted and versatile Morelli Pici di Toscana pasta. With its thick strands, this pasta holds up beautifully in complex meals with mushrooms, sauces, and tomatoes. You can also use this regional specialty in classic Italian dishes with just a simple touch of pesto or olive oil.

All the certified seafoodies out there, listen up! We guarantee that Morelli squid ink pasta will be the most delicious pasta you’ll ever eat! You can pair it with prawns, arugula, mussels, or an assortment of seafood, so whether you want to enjoy a simple gourmet dinner or an epicurean feast, it will provide the richest flavors with a silky texture and nutritional boost!

Those who love black truffles and authentic Italian linguine, we absolutely recommend perfectly chewy and aromatic Morelli tagliolini with truffle pasta richly infused with truffles and wheat germ. This pasta makes for an ideal accompaniment to fresh truffle and mushroom sauces, but if tomatoes are more of your thing, you will be delighted by Morelli Tagliolini with tomato pasta. This highly versatile product is one of our favorite, most versatile options from Morelli’s line of flavored pastas.

Want some mushroom-flavored pasta that’s flat, chewy, and cooks in just about 6 minutes? Morelli tagliatelle pasta with Porcini mushrooms is the way to go. You can also serve them with any sauce that compliments porcini mushroom flavor.

For the silkiest, most nutritious, and delicious Tuscan pasta flavor, Morelli Porcini Straccetti takes the crown. With its wide and flat shape, straccetti makes for an excellent pasta to pair with creamy sauces as well as tomato sauce.

Love spicy food? Opt for Morelli Linguine with peperoncino chili pepper pasta. If you want to stay on top of your Mediterranean culinary game, Morelli Linguine lemon & black pepper pasta will bring the most exquisite flavors that perfectly accompany seafood. Prefer something more delicate and quick to make? Morelli Linguine with basil and garlic ribbon pasta with its lavishly delicious taste pairs exceptionally well with chorizo, fish, prawns, and crab.

Looking for a gift for your loved ones, colleagues, friends, or family? If they’re a genuine Italian pasta lover, we have created a luxurious assortment of Morelli Italian pasta gifts made for all the true pasta foodies out there!

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