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Moliterno, The Traditional Italian Cheese We Should Be Talking More About

Moliterno is a hard Italian cheese made with sheep’s milk, somewhat reminiscent of pecorino both in style and the production process. Due to their similarities, hard Moliterno cheese is sometimes called Pecorino Moliterno or Pecorino di Moliterno.

The latter usually refers to cheese produced specifically in the town of Moliterno, the southern Italian region of Basilicata. It’s where the Moliterno cheese is originally from.

Similar to pecorino, Moliterno has a very robust, savory flavor with a sharp bite. The more the cheese is aged, the tangier and spicier the taste.

It’s common to infuse Moliterno with various flavoring ingredients to give it a more distinct and unique flavor. In fact, arguably, the most popular Moliterno variety is not the original but Moliterno al Tartufo, infused with a generous amount of truffles during the aging process resulting in thick black veins in the cheese. Moliterno al Vino, soaked in red wine and grape must, is another popular flavored option, with a pleasantly sweet undertone balancing the sharp, savory notes.

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