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Coming to you straight from Japan: Shop Mogami’s eight-grain blend and many more!

Rice is a staple ingredient, used as a culinary blank canvas in Asian, African, and many more traditional cuisines! This is why every household needs the premium quality of these rich grains, preferably cultivated in the homeland of rice, right? Luckily for you, at Yummy Bazaar, you’ll find the Japanese rice brand Mogami Foods delivering premium quality products made from locally sourced ingredients to fill up your pantry!

With us, you can get your hands on renowned Mogami brown rice. Brown rice is deemed as a natural form of white rice since it still has the outer bran layer, thus having a brownish color! But, more importantly, this ultimate superfood is bursting with nutritional benefits, and it’s incredibly easy to prepare! You can try cooking fried rice with ham and pineapple toppings; trust us, it’s quick and unbelievably tasty! Just stir-fry your favorite vegetables in olive oil, season it, and once you’re done, add Japanese brown rice, ham, fresh herbs, and top it with juicy pineapple slices! Now, this is what we call the perfect finish of a long day at work; try yourself and tell us what you think!

We also happen to have the exquisite blend of Mogami eight-grain rice! In this 5 lbs package, you’ll find red rice, maple rice, brown rice,(almost there) red wheat, purple barley, black rice, (yup, still going) barley, AND rice! This Japanese eight-grain rice mix will transform you into a culinary virtuoso within a blink of an eye; all you have to do is prepare this excellent blend and choose your toppings wisely! We like to pair chicken and broccoli or cauliflower and garlic sauce with this mix! But with Mogami’s eight-grain rice mix, your options are endless! And, keep in mind that Mogami products are perfect for storing since they have a long shelf life and can last you a lifetime!

Get your hands on Japanese superfood: Shop Mogami on Yummy Bazaar!

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