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Taste the natural goodness of fiber in every pleasurable bite of Misura biscuits!

What happens when you use whole wheat flour instead of regular all-purpose flour in your baking? You get the perfectly hearty and tender cookies with a deeper flavor and a lot more fiber! And you know what that means? It means that you can finally enjoy your cookies without worrying about them being unhealthy! Everyone knows the importance of fiber in a good nutritious diet, so we at Yummy Bazaar have decided to bring you a curated selection of the best Italian fiber-rich cookies and crackers by Misura.

Misura biscuits beautifully combine great taste with simplicity and wellness. This pioneering Italian brand in the world of tasty, healthy, and nutritional food was first launched in 1975 with a mission of bringing a healthy twist to all your favorite snacks. With an entire line of non-GMO whole wheat biscuits, crackers, and rusks, all of Misura’s products are made with fresh Italian barn eggs with no added hydrogenated fats, colors, or preservatives.

Want to start your morning with something sweet, healthy, and balanced? Misura multigrain biscuits make for a wonderful companion for your morning cup of coffee or a light evening snack. This secret blend of wheat, barley, oats, rice, and corn creates flavor-packed scrumptious biscuits that you can enjoy along with ice cream, yogurt, fruit, and of course, on their own! If you want something sweeter and just as nutritious, Misura whole wheat biscuits are definitely what you need.

Up for having the most versatile, crunchy, and fiber-rich snack? Well, in that case, Misura rusks are the unbeatable leaders, offering an unparalleled crispy and crumbly experience. Made with only the highest quality ingredients, Misura whole wheat rusks are perfect as a base for some good ol’ peanut butter & jam. If you’d like your crumbly snack to be sugar-free, then Misura sugar-free rusks are the ideal choice for you! Italian whole wheat rusks pair exceptionally well with soups and meat & cheese bases.

If crispy crackers are more your thing and you want that extra fiber combined with outstanding quality, Misura whole grain crackers are absolutely worth a try! With an exclusive blend of insoluble and soluble fiber, no palm oil, glucose syrup, or hydrogenated fats, Misura crackers make for a versatile treat that works well as a base for meats, spreads, and cheeses. You can also try topping them with jams or peanut butter. All the crumbly crispiness will not disappoint!

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