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Mascarpone, The Iconic Italian Cream cheese

Mascarpone is one of the most recognized soft Italian cheese varieties in the world, not in the least because it’s one of the main ingredients for Tiramisu, inarguably the most famous Italian dessert worldwide.

Mascarpone is often called “Italian cream cheese,” and indeed, there are certain similarities between the two: they’re both acid-set spreadable cheese varieties that require no aging before being consumed.

The main difference is their base: cream cheese is mainly made with whole milk, while Mascarpone cheese is made with heavy cream. Consequently, cream cheese is lower, at around 30 to 40%, while Mascarpone can go as high as Mascarpone cheese fat content is typically over 60%, and it’s not uncommon for it to go as high as 75%. This difference in fat content results in Mascarpone cheese having a silkier, creamier texture, and a richer taste, with more well-pronounced acidity but sweeter undertones. Overall, the Mascarpone cheese’s flavor profile is more complex and robust.

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Check out Yummy Bazaar’s online store to shop authentic gourmet Italian Mascarpone cheese from some of the most renowned manufacturers in the world. Mascarpone is not only an excellent substitute for cream cheese for those who wish to add more richness and creaminess to dishes. It’s a versatile ingredient all in its own right, widely used for both desserts (Crema and Mousses, Tiramisu, Cannoli, Cheesecake, Pies, etc.) and savory dishes (pasta sauces, pizza topping, risotto, etc.).