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Take a little explosion of flavor everywhere you go: Shop Marukawa Bubble Gum!

When things are suuuuper slow during working days, we often find ourselves feeling low; or overwhelmed and overloaded by trying to multitask everything. These all-consuming feelings can negatively impact our productivity and daily relationships, but what if we told you we’d found one simple solution to all of this? We know this sounds nearly impossible, but little pop of tasty fruity aroma can uplift your mood and your spirit. Don’t believe us? Don’t take our word for it; at Yummy Bazaar, you can get your hands on the legendary Japanese luscious Marukawa gum that instantly melts in your mouth and charges you with positive energy! Once you try it yourself, you’ll be coming back for Marukawa gum bulk! Just wait and see.

Born in 1888, Marukawa Confectionery is the leading Japanese bubble gum brand! With more than 130 years of experience, Marukawa bubble gum is a Japanese cultural phenomenon, a classic taste that everyone knows and loves! It has the perfect taste, chewiness, texture, and stickiness, so it’s safe to say Marukawa is everything you’re looking for in gum! Thus, we’re proud that our digital shelves hold a wide variety of Marukawa bubble gum flavors!

Let’s start with delicious sweetness - Marukawa strawberry gum will be the perfect accompaniment for your days. The instant freshness of strawberry will last for hours and keep you lifted! The pop of each of these treats feels like munching on real strawberries! Sweet, fluffy, and delicious, that’s what you’ll be getting from Marukawa strawberry bubble gum!

If you’re a fan of tangy flavors -Marukawa orange bubble gum will bring a little zing to your taste buds and immediately wake you up! This authentic Japanese Marukawa orange flavor will kickstart your brain and charge you with happy thoughts; it may even bring back your sweetest childhood memories. Worth the wait (even though with us, you don’t have to wait long) to give this minty delight a taste!

Now it’s time for the most enveloping bubble gum aroma you’ve ever had - unforgettable Marukawa melon gum is a must-try! Filled with the freshness of ripe melon, the delicate sweetness and smooth texture will instantly soothe your taste buds and your mind too!

For a more uplifting aroma, you can try mixing melon with other spectacular flavors of Marukawa bubble gum. Try mixing it with Marukawa grape bubble gum, the unparalleled taste of sweet grapes will make a unique gum cocktail, and it will be 2x fun blowing gigantic purple bubbles! But bear in mind, once you share this gum in the office, you will have to shop in bulk! Yes, it’s THAT good!

Let your creativity run free & for more mixing ideas, shop Marukawa fruity bubble gum variety pack that includes all the already mentioned flavors. With eight packs of each of the flavors, you will never run out of this pop of freshness to get you through long days at work!

However, if you’re intrigued by the flavor palate, In that case, you must get the Marukawa sampler pack, which includes all seven classic flavors, like fresh green apples, delicate peach, and the all-time favorite mixed fruits, with a crazy frog on the package! Give authentic Japanese gum a try, and you will never go back!

Pop of fruity flavor on-the-go: Japanese Bubble Gum is at Yummy Bazaar online!

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