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Fan of all-purpose culinary ingredients?! Then you must get to know Japanese fine ground soybean flour!

Japanese soy flour, or kinako, is made from dried, milled, and roasted soybeans flour. That’s why it’s looking pretty with its golden tan; normally, Japanese kinako flour has a powdery texture and carries a slightly toasted aroma reminiscent of roasted nuts. And unlike other soy delights, well, umami soy sauce, for instance, kinako really lets its powers shine when it comes to garnishing sweets! As promised, Japanese soy flour is the ultimate all-purpose delight that can be incorporated into all kinds of desserts, snacks, or any of your favorite culinary creations! If you’re dedicated to your gluten-free diet or just looking for an exquisite substitute for a bit more variety, then at Yummy Bazaar, you will be able to get your hands on hearty Japanese soy flour made by one and only Marudaizu!

Marudaizu soy flour is made from finely ground whole soybeans, ready to take your sweet works of culinary art to the next level! This unsweetened soy flour can be used as a garnish for your deliciously chewy mochi cakes or wagashi, a traditional Japanese confection. However, we also like to prettify our bowl of rice with sprinkles of this nutty delight, and maybe throw couples of almond slices on it too! It adds a little touch of luxury!

Remember that baking your favorite cookies, bread, or cakes is always an option with Marudaizu kinako flour; all you have to do is follow the rule of thumb whenever substituting. Replace ¼ of your regular flour with soybean powder, and bake away! However, we have to admit, one of our favorite ways to use this delight is to incorporate it with our fresh smoothies or shakes. Due to higher protein content compared to regular wheat flour, Japanese kinako flour will be a perfectly nutty addition to your post-workout smoothies AND even milkshakes! So, get your hands on this soybean flour and prepare your taste buds for the ultimate freshness of your drinks, snacks, and desserts!

Since you already know where to buy soybean flour, now it’s time to get your apron on!

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