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]From squid ink pasta to classic linguine - Marella has it all

When it comes to comfort foods that can lift our spirits and improve even the most stressful days, Italian pasta is the ultimate undefeated option, beloved by all who have had the good fortune of getting to try it. From classics like linguine and orecchiette to more unusual forms like sombreroni pasta and the impeccable Marella pasta del mare, with a bit of help from Marella, there is a premium organic Italian pasta for every mood and occasion.

So browse our selection of the colorful, creative, and versatile forms of the incomparable Marella pasta and discover all of your soon-to-be favorites. Make them your pantry staples and ensure that you have something to bring you joy through thick and thin.

Let’s start with classics, shall we? The ultimate favorites like spaghetti and farfalle are no longer as straightforward as you might have thought. Thanks to Marella’s creative vision, you can now enjoy these familiar flavors in various shades, shapes, and sizes. From Marella squid ink pasta to zebra-striped farfalle bow ties and the many colors of organic lingua di suocera pasta, you can make sure that none of the incomparable classics ever get boring!

As for something a bit less usual but even more fun, there are more than enough options to choose from! Whether it’s Marella pumpkin pasta - perfect for holding sauces - the utterly beautiful Marella le Rose, or the base to the most enticing lasagna you’ve ever had - that is organic rainbow lasagna pasta - you’re guaranteed to have more fun than you ever thought your favorite Italian pasta could bring. Delight in these colorful flavors on your own, or enjoy them with your entire family - we all know that no one appreciates creativity more than kids, so make sure that they have some inspiration with every meal!

So browse our selection of Marela pasta and discover every form of this Italian classic - from well-known favorites like handmade Nostri pasta and organic Fricelli to brand new finds like rainbow Farfalline Arcobaleno and the wonderful colored Capricci! Make sure also to get a can of whole peeled Matera tomatoes for the most flavorful sauces to fit your incredible pasta dishes, and you’ll be all set for even the most stressful of days!

Turn every meal into a celebration with Marella pasta from Yummy Bazaar

Yummy Bazaar is your primary source of classic flavors from all around the world. Whether you’re after some premium-quality Italian pasta or a decadent French pastry, you’re guaranteed to find it here! So look through our diverse selections and discover brand new pantry staples!

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