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Start your mornings with scrumptious & easy-to-make pancakes and waffles! Shop Maple Grove Farms online!

Looking to indulge yourself in a special Sunday morning breakfast or an exquisitely sweet morning meal on a busy day? Either way, nothing can top the good ol’ classic American pancakes and waffles for breakfast! We know how exhausting and time-consuming it can be to make your own waffles and pancakes from scratch, and if you’re a busy bee, it might not even be an option. The best solution? Just like the flour base for all the pastries, you can always keep a pack of pancake mix in your pantry, so you’re always able to make your sweet fluffy pancakes in a matter of minutes. Our curated selection of over a century-old brand’s Maple Grove Farms pancake mix will not only solve the problem of having to make your batter but also ensure the most delicious flavors!

There are so many pancake flavor variations, but the fluffiest and the sweetest of them all from our delightful selection would probably be Maple Grove Farms buttermilk and honey pancake mix. This extra special morning dessert mix will certainly make your mornings memorable and bring you all the necessary ingredients to create a fantastic pancake. To add a finishing touch to your perfect morning breakfast, pour a little bit of extra maple syrup to Maple Grove Farms pancake and waffle mix and enjoy with a freshly brewed cup of mild coffee and a glass of orange juice! Looking for a sugar-free pancake and waffle option? Look no further; Maple Grove Farms sugar free pancake mix will bring all the sweet and delicately fluffy pancakes without any sugar. Prefer a gluten-free option? opt for Maple Grove Farms gluten free pancake and waffle mix to not miss out on this fat-free and gluten-free mix that's just as delicious as the gluten version!

Everyone wants their breakfast to be just as nutritious as tasty, so we ensured to bring you the fluffiest, lightest, and nutrient-packed pancake mix made with versatile and fiber-rich nutty grain in Maple Grove Farms honey buckwheat pancake mix. With its fragrant, nutty aroma and rich flavor sweetened up by a touch of luscious honey, this blend will ensure the most balanced, nutrient-packed, and tasty breakfast that will beautifully be accompanied by berries and bananas!

Speaking of berries, everyone likes to add them on top of pancakes and waffles, but why not just add a pleasing blueberry flavor into your pancake recipe to add a character and a hint of sweetness to your dessert? If that’s totally your thing, then don’t even think twice; get a pack of Maple Grove Farms blueberry pancake mix. It will put an instant smile on your face!

Let’s not forget about the most authentic Belgian classic - waffles! At a glance, you might think they’re significantly harder to make than pancakes but don’t worry, Maple Grove Farms baking mix for Belgian waffles will make the process effortlessly easy, quick, and satisfying!

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