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For the ultimate taste of Southern Italy, shop Mamma Angelica pasta at Yummy Bazaar!

Pack your bags; we’re about to travel to the sunny shores of beautiful Southern Italy, right to the heel of the boot! And, no, we’re not going to Magna Graecia for sightseeing, but rather to give the most delicate pasta varieties a taste! Mamma Angelica is here to guide us through all of the southern-style pasta, so get ready! Mamma Angelica is an Italian pasta brand offering dozens of different handcrafted pasta varieties! Its advanced cooking techniques give this handmade pasta delights sophisticated flavors that you’ve probably never tasted before! So, buckle up while we introduce you to our favorite southern-style kinds of pasta!

The first beautiful pack of sunshine you will lay your eyes on is called Mamma Angelica Penne Candele pasta, a thicker variety of beloved Penne Lisce! Heavenly soft and delicate in texture, Penne Candele's culinary superpower lies in its size: it's wider than traditional Penne; therefore, managing to trap even more sauce or even a filling of your choice in each bite! Penne Candele is excellent for crafting oven-baked culinary masterpieces, so get going and pre-heat it! Get your hands on Italian mushrooms, and the superstar of your Sunday family dinner will be born: baked candele with velvety pioppini mushrooms will make your taste buds explode from deliciousness!

Next on, we have pleasantly chewy Mamma Angelica Candele Lunghe! Italian candele pasta (aka Candle pasta) is a very popular pasta variety originating from regions of Southern Italy! The name speaks for itself: these delights are shaped like candles. Candele pasta needs to be broken into small pieces before cooking, just like Ziti & Zitoni! Mamma Angelica's long Candele pasta will deliciously pair with roasted vegetables or meats since its delicate flavor can harmonize with pretty much everything! But if you want to know our ways, we like to prepare this delight with Italian passata sauce and roasted eggplants; however, Mamma Angelica says to let your culinary imagination run free! So, get ready, put on your apron, and before you decide what to prepare, your order will be delivered right to your door!

Oh, and you MUST check out Mamma Angelica Fusilli Napoletani if you consider yourself a true pasta enthusiast! Fusilli Napoletani is the most extraordinary Campania-style pasta shape: this spiral-like twisted strippy pasta makes spaghetti look boring! Mamma Angelica's signature delicate flavor will taste impeccable with butternut and bacon; add some fresh herbs on top of your plate to zip up your masterpiece into finer pleasure! If you're feeling up to challenge yourself, we dare you to make the yummiest, craziest soup from this twisty delight and share your experience with us! We're already eager to hear about it!

Bring real Italian spirit to your kitchen with Mamma Angelica Pasta!

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