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Taste the authentic French honey flavors - shop Maison Peltier honey online!

French honey is some of the best honey in the world! Its beautiful countryside is filled with miles of chestnut forests, lavender fields, acacia trees, and fragrant flowers. Busy honey bees freely wander and fly around in France’s most beautiful places to sip on the nectar and craft lusciously delicious honey with sweet flavors and smooth texture. If you don’t want to miss out on an incredible opportunity of discovering the most delicious, organic French honey, keep on reading!

At Yummy Bazaar, we know the importance of quality, raw and organic honey that will perfectly incorporate itself into your everyday baking, cooking, and snacking. This thick sugary liquid deserves to be a part of every family’s pantry, and for that, we have created a curated selection of rich & fresh Maison Peltier French honey, along with honey-based treats brought to you in beautiful packaging to help you brighten up your everyday life with naturally sweet flavors.

A brand that started as a traditional beekeeping business in 1946 soon became one of France's major organic honey producers, loved by generations for delivering fresh and quality honey-based products. Maison Peltier honey truly captures the essence of flowers and blossoms of France with traditional raw flavors and the purest taste!

To experience the most pleasant, well-balanced, rounded, and flowery flavors, get a taste of Maison Peltier lavender honey. This traditional home-style honey has a distinctly soft texture and irresistible lavender aroma that perfectly complements simple toasts for breakfast, ice cream, and fruit mixes. Want your honey to taste slightly bitter with a strong aromatic quality? Maison Peltier chestnut honey will be your best choice. With its complex taste, French chestnut honey is perfect for marinades and glaze roasts, as well as for baking delicious cookies.

For the most versatile, medium sweet flavor and delicate floral scents, we recommend Maison Peltier acacia honey produced from the acacia tree nectar. Craving something more intense with a hint of spicy sweetness? Maison Peltier thyme honey is your best option! With its creamy texture and light amber color, thyme honey makes for an elegant appetizer to serve along with cheese at any dinner party along with your favorite grapes & crackers for the most French experience! But wait, we’re not done yet! How can any French produce go without the most authentic French truffles?! You heard it right, Maison Peltier truffle honey infused with the delightful flavors of much-coveted fungi boasts earthy and sweet fragrant flavors. Spread it on your simple breakfast toast or pair it with fish. It is phenomenal in every way!

Some of us just want to enjoy quick and delicious pastries without going through the hassle of making them. If you are one of those people, we have some special Maison Peltier cookies and cakes for you! Want to enjoy a fluffy French honey cake with a soft, airy texture and an authentic sweet honey taste? Maison Peltier honey cake will be that breakfast or late afternoon accompaniment to a cup of tea! Why don’t we just add a touch of almonds for that extra flavor? The result? Maison Peltier French almond honey cakes instantly melt in the mouth. They’re perfect for enjoying as a quick and relaxing snack!

All the cookie fans out there, we have some of the most crumbly, sweet, and delicious Maison Peltier galettes to accompany your breakfast cup of coffee or be your snacking pal! We bring you a variety of honey cookies as well as classic Maison Peltier honey butter galettes. There’s so much to choose from!

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