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To add some Calabrian flair, shop Italian hot pepper paste by Magnifici del Mezzogiorno!

Congratulations, your vacation came early! Today, we want to take you to the beautiful coastline of Calabria - some people keep calling it the toe of the boot, but we prefer the hidden beauty of Southern Italy! It’s everyone’s dream destination - sunny beaches, lush landscape, museums entrenched in history; and, wait to hear about our favorite part, gourmands! Calabria is an irreplaceable gastronomic experience in and of itself! Renowned for the culinary tradition of la Cucina Povera, with Calabrian delights, every one of your meals is bound to taste impeccable. So, if you’re willing to give this stunning culinary experience a taste, we have just the thing you need waiting on our digital shelves! Established in sunny Calabria, Magnifici del Mezzogiorno is an Italian brand famous for its hot Calabrian peppers and the magic they craft with them!

At Yummy Bazaar, you can get the superstar of the assortment - Magnifici del Mezzogiorno Bomba di Calabria, the mix that will deliver hundreds of serious flavor hits to your meals! This Italian hot pepper paste is made from crushed pepperoncini, infused with delicious extra virgin olive oil to capture the fresh essence! What you’ll love about this delight is the perfectly balanced heat it delivers to your taste buds: without overpowering your meal, it still provides a full-body sensory experience! This unique condiment is bound to take up a special place in your pantry and your heart as well, so shop now and incorporate authentic Italian aromas in your menu!

We’re confident that your pantry is going to love this perennial staple - shop for Magnifici del Mezzogiorno Calabrian hot pepper flakes right now, and don’t miss out on Italian flavor bombs! It’s perfectly hot, just like we like, and carries a rich aroma that will enchant you with the first whiff! These Calabrian hot pepper flakes will be the ultimate addition to any of your spicy or savory creations cause their versatile flavor has no culinary limits! Order now, and we will be happy to deliver authentic Italian aromas right to your front door!

If you want to add the extra layer of seasoning to your creations, then you must give Magnifici del Mezzogiorno Calabrian wild spices a taste! This crafty mix will instantly elevate your cooking with just a sprinkle! And it’s perfect for creating traditional Italian Bruschettas! We’re sure you’re going to love this Italian spice mix for bruschetta cause you simply can’t go wrong with it - your BBQ chicken tastes a little bland? Add a dash of this magical mix! Do your roasted veggies need extra flavor? Sprinkle this delight! Does your broth seem to be missing something? The Italian spice mix is your answer! It can do anything your taste buds desire!

And now, let’s hear it for the hidden gem of the collection - Magnifici del Mezzogiorno Calabrian hot pepper jam! Rich, velvety, and oh, so indulgent you have no idea - this premium Calabrian hot chili pepper jam carries a sophisticated flavor profile that’s bound to become your new favorite. It’s made from Italian chili peppers, sugar, and lemon, which lends its zesty, enlivening aroma to this culinary delight! And this versatile Italian hot pepper jam can elevate anything into exquisite, gourmet masterpieces - even your morning toast! Spread this mouth-wateringly rich jam on your warm toast, and taste the ultimate sophistication of simplicity!

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