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The Luxurious Flavors of Luxardo

The very name 'Luxardo' hints at luxury, elegance, and sophistication. And that's exactly what you'll experience when you try the amazing products from this old and revered Italian company. Seven generations of care, tradition, and experience go into every Luxardo product. You can practically taste the love!

Luxardo maraschino cherries are the original candied cherries in syrup. They've been treasured for their unique flavor and texture since 1905. That's more than a century's worth of cocktails and sundaes. No wonder they're the premiere maraschino cherry! Upstart brands simply can't match the unmistakable flavor, texture, and deep, rich color of the original.

The prized Marasca cherries used for these amazing maraschino cherries are grown and processed by Luxardo. Their exquisite flavor is a result of being candied in their own Marasca syrup and then being infused with Sangue Morlacco cherry liqueur. The result is a delightfully deep, rich flavor and unique texture you'll love.

For those who can't get enough of these fantastic maraschino cherries, we offer them in six-pound cans. If that still isn't enough, grab a supersized can of Luxardo Maraschino Cherries. It's 12 pounds of pure deliciousness! Add these incredible Luxardo cherries to cocktails and fizzy drinks, top sundaes and plain bowls of ice cream, grace slices of poundcake or stacks of pancakes. Wherever you use them, they'll add a touch of flavor, texture, and luxuriousness.

Don't Forget Luxardo Syrups

Every pantry and bar should include Luxardo syrups. After all, what would a classic Tequila Sunrise or Shirley Temple be without Luxardo Grenadine Syrup? Its bright, sweet-tart pomegranate flavor and brilliant color are unmatched when it comes to both cocktails and 'mocktails'. No wonder Luxardo grenadine is so prized by bartenders everywhere!

Another must-have syrup is Luxardo Sour Cherry Syrup. This deliciously balanced sweet-tart syrup is made from the same Marasca cherries as the company's famed maraschino cherries. And, just like them, it adds brilliant flavor and color that makes the ordinary extraordinary. Plain, boring vanilla ice cream? Add a splash of sour cherry syrup and your taste buds will wake up in a hurry!

Delicately fragrant Luxardo Orgeat Almond Syrup is a deliciously nutty syrup. It's essential for classic tiki cocktails like the Mai Tai and is fantastic in hot chocolate. Its subtle marzipan-like flavor is also delicious in baked goods. Go ahead, give it a try!

Instead of artificial almond flavoring, add the real deal with this almond syrup. It will add a subtle hint of nuttiness to ordinary sugar cookies and it's a natural with any kind of cherry dessert.

Finding Luxardo Products Online

At Yummy Bazaar, we carry all of your favorite international food brands, including Luxardo. Now you can enjoy the authentic flavors of your childhood or those you've enjoyed on your travels. If you're a 'foodie', you'll find everything you need to try that new international recipe, too.

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