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Lotte from Korea: Perfect for kids AND adults alike!

Searching for something delicious and fun to treat your little ones since they’ve been so good this week? Or maybe you’re just looking to indulge your taste buds, have a spree, to get you through a long day at work? In any case, we have just the thing for you! New, exciting, and oh, so delicious, Lotte confectionery!

Founded in 1967, Lotte Confectionery has won millions of hearts worldwide! Leading the industry for decades, Lotte has established a flawless reputation for its advanced manufacturing technology, premium quality products, and sweet taste that no kid (or grown-up) can resist! And you know how much we try to craft unique collections of all the premium quality delights at the most affordable prices, so our customers can treat themselves and their loved ones to international gourmet delicacies and one-of-a-kind sensory experiences! Well, without Lotte, that collection would simply be incomplete! That’s why our digital shelves are packed with Lotte cookies and many different treats! So, get ready to explore some new flavors!

Let’s start with Lotte cookies: cause everyone loves them, and we’ve got an unbelievable amount of different kinds! If you’re looking for the perfect reward for your kids, something incredibly delicious and cute to keep them motivated at school, well, you’re in luck. Lotte koala cookies are just what you need! Adorably cute, these koala-shaped cookies are famous as Koala’s March in the US! They’re filled with rich chocolate cream that delicately explodes and surprises your taste buds! They’re the ultimate addition to a lunch box, trust us! More importantly, these koala cookies are serving the noble cause: Lotte’s Koala’s March was crafted in support of the Australian Koala Foundation, fighting for koalas conservation!

These Lotte filled cookies come in different flavors, too: our digital shelves are stocked with Lotte koala banana cookies mixed with smooth chocolate cream; now that’s what we call the perfect combination of flavors! If you’re someone who appreciates fruity aromas, then that’s not all! These cute koala yummies come in mango filling, bursting with the tart flavor of this exotic fruit; it’s the perfect pick-me-up in the mornings or for your work breaks! This charming and comfortable packaging makes it super easy to carry it around, so you’ll always have something to cheer you up! Oh, and don’t forget about the Lotte strawberry cookies, guaranteed to replace your ordinary cookies! Bursting with creamy strawberry jam, these delights must be kept secret, or you’ll be forced to share! Can’t say we didn’t warn you!

We also happen to have the renowned chocolate snack, loved by pretty much everyone who has ever tasted it - famous Lotte choco pie, an absolute must-try! Sweet, scrumptious choco-sandwich filled with the fluffiest marshmallow filling juxtaposed with rich chocolate-covered biscuits from both sides! Also known as moon pie, these sweet delights go way back! The original moon pie variation dates back to 1907 when a local bakery created a marshmallow-filled Graham cracker sandwich for Tennessean miners! And in 1973, Lotte revolutionized the whole concept of moon pies, and in return, the world of chocolate got the luscious choco-pie! We’re sure; even just the story would get you intrigued, but trust us, once you give it a taste, you’ll know why these pies are so famous!

Now let’s move on to the delicious Lotte pastries - tiny, fluffy, flaky - the perfect trio when it comes to desserts, right? These little chocolate-filled biscuits are slightly flaky but deliciously moist inside, filled with rich chocolate cream! Now, beware, if you get your hands on this, you’ll never stop until you get to the bottom of this adorable box! Pair it with a morning cuppa coffee, and the sweetest day of your life is guaranteed!

Let’s finish off with something exquisite; you must get your hands on Lotte custard cake! Sweet, tender, and moist, this freshly baked custard cake is worth a chef’s kiss, but don’t just take our word for it! The velvety texture is complemented with a creamy custard filling, so it’s the perfect balance of flavors that everyone should treat themselves to! Try it yourself, and we will deliver it to your front door in the blink of an eye!

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