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Get ready, cause you’ll want to throw a British tea party!

Tea takes the crown when it comes to universality and the range of variety. With its gentle aroma and silky texture that hug your taste buds, tea can turn anyone into a serious enthusiast. Beware, coffee lovers! It can even make you switch sides.

Tea’s strength lies in its diversity - there’s a flavor to fit every preference. If you enjoy strong and concentrated aromas - classic black tea is what you need. However, if you want to opt for a more refreshing version, green tea will be perfect for you. Along with green tea, white tea leaves are filled with an earthy aroma and subtle sweetness, which also come with various health benefits. But, that’s not all, tea doesn’t have to be plain and boring!

London Fruit & Herb tea will completely change your idea of this hot beverage cause it’s anything but ordinary. Its summerlike flavors fit for warm festival days will completely transform the traditional tea experience you’ve had in the past. Once you taste it, you’ll be ready to throw your own modernized summer tea party.

London Fruit & Herb Company is a British tea company that takes time to perfect its exquisite flavor range. They deliver the most exciting sensory experience by blending fruity and earthy flavors together. That’s why London Fruit & Herb Co. is the single greatest author of truly unique tea aromas.

So, if you want to add a little zing to your summer tea party for your friends and family, you should definitely check out Peach Paradise tea. Here’s a little tip: use it for an iced tea drink to freshen up your slow summer days. Made with real peach juice, so it’s guaranteed your cold brew will taste like the best summer ever, and everyone will want the recipe. Another excellent option for hot summer nights is berry tea: London Fruit & Herb tea with Strawberry Vanilla Fool will work wonders to refresh your taste buds! Blueberry Bliss will take you on a journey of zingy aromas, and Raspberry Rendezvous will make the heat seem like your best friend! Made from fresh and ripe berries, these fragrant flavors will be a hit of a party and are guaranteed to steal the spotlight. Sorry, peach paradise, but it looks like this competition is going to be quite steep!

Here’s something for people who love more robust tang: try London Fruit & Herb lemon and lime zest and refresh your long winter nights with festive flavors, or start chilly mornings off on the right foot with a cup of orange spicer tea! The uplifting taste of orange combined with the warm aroma of cinnamon and ginger is bound to go great with a good book you've wanted to read for some time now. But lemon and lime zest tea will do a better job of keeping you warm and healthy in the winter cold.

And now’s the time for a great compromise: London Fruit & Herb apple cinnamon tea is soothing and calming, yet cheery rollercoaster of flavors. Filled with earthy aromas of cinnamon, It gives you a sense of autumnal warmth and instantly uplifts your mood.

Liven up your breaks with London Fruit & Herb Tea from Yummy Bazaar!

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