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For endless glasses full of life, buy Liuh Dean Taiwanese tea drinks online!

Do you know what the best feeling is on a hot day? It’s the very first gulp of your favorite icy drink that sends a cooling sensation down your entire body and makes you feel alive again. While drinks of choice might vary, the experience is pretty universal. But if you’ve been running low on the options for cold beverages, we’ve got some new suggestions for you to fall in love with.

So browse our selection of delicious Taiwanese tea drinks from Liuh Dean, choose your favorite flavors, and make sure to always keep a bottle or two in your fridge for a quick grab-and-go refreshment!

With over 1000 years of history, plum juice holds a special place in Taiwanese culture. It checks every box that we could ever want our beverage of choice to have. It’s sweet, fruity, tangy, bright, refreshing, and utterly delicious. So it should come as no surprise that we decided to include Liuh Dean’s Taiwanese plum juice in our selection of the best cooling drinks. Just pour some of this stunning liquid over ice, wait until the glass fogs up and starts to look irresistibly inviting, and enjoy every last drop! We would also recommend giving Wax Gourd winter melon drink a go - it carries similar brightness, with the addition of the most summery flavor of winter melon (ironic, we know)!

For those of you who enjoy even tangier, livelier tastes and have no fear of looking funny after a zesty drink makes your face scrunch, there is no better match than our Taiwanese aloe vera juice with pomelo - it tastes as bright as it looks and is just about the best thing you could add to your beach bag. This stunning drink tastes delicious everywhere, but nowhere is it more refreshing than at the beach after a long day in the summer sun.

And if you just so happen to enjoy the earthier, more natural aromas, Taiwanese herbal jelly drink is just what your fridge is missing! Not only is it absolutely delicious, but it also contains green jelly chunks that feel like little mischievous bursts of energy and cool breeze in your mouth. With just enough honey to sweeten it, this reinvented take on herbal tea remains one of our favorite cold beverages of all time! Rivaled only by Taiwanese barley tea  - what can we say, we love our earthy, well-balanced ice teas!

So peruse our digital shelves and fill up your fridge with the most refreshing drinks straight from Taiwan. Enjoy these exquisite concoctions, and make sure you have enough for every hot day upcoming months have to throw our way!

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