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Snack on some scrumptious Taiwanese crackers & fries - shop Lian Hwa online at Yummy Bazaar!

Everybody loves snacks, especially crackers and fries, right? Who in their right mind doesn’t? Perfectly crunchy crackers and fluffy-centered French fries are some of the greatest guilty pleasures. Today, we are going to bring you the most unique snacking experience with our curated selection of Lian Hwa crackers & fries from Taiwan so you can satisfy your cravings with unique flavors, perfect texture, and just the right amount of everything!

Let’s begin, shall we? Let’s start with something that can help you ditch your guilt of eating typically unhealthy potato chips by introducing Taiwanese Koloko pea crackers that taste just as good as the regular chips. What’s the catch? It’s made from peas rather than potatoes that are lightly fried and dusted with spices, garlic, and salt for the best flavor. It’s unquestionably delicious; try it for yourself and see! Crackers and chips are one of the most satisfying snacks to munch on, and these Taiwanese crackers are no exception. Would you like a spicier version of this unique treat? Get a pack of Koloko spicy pea crackers dusted with extra spicy chili, pepper, and onion powder. It will make your day!

Sure, crackers are awesome, but there’s nothing that can beat the good ol’ French fries with every bite being absolute heaven. You might think that fresh-cut fries are superior to frozen fries from the store, but you might be a bit wrong. With less salt, Lian Hwa fries will satiate your taste buds just like the freshly made home-cooked fries that so many people love. With the line of Cadina French fries, you will experience the most appetizing and uniquely flavored fries from Taiwan.

The number one, most versatile on the list of our favorite Cadina French fries? This title goes to cheese-flavored and perfectly salted Hokkaido French Fries with just the right amount of softness on the inside and crispiness on the outside. Whether you eat them as a quick snack or pair them with a classic burger meal, these fries will make for an excellent all-around snack that most taste buds will undoubtedly love.

Looking for something more exotic and unique to Taiwan? We’ve got some flavors that should not be missed out on. For that unique “sea-salty” flavor, grab a pack of Seaweed French fries from Taiwan. With their earthy, briny, and salty flavors, seaweed fries pleasantly stand out from regular salt and add a unique twist to your favorite snack. The ultimate seafood lover’s dream snack? The answer is, hands down Lobster Flavored French fries. Yes, lobster-flavored fries with a nice & crunchy texture accompanied by the lobster seasoning. They’re almost too delicious to be true! These Taiwanese lobster French fries are exquisitely tasty on their own, but for an extra flavor, you can dip them into your favorite sauce and enjoy them to the full extent!

Discover the most gourmet snacks of all - buy Taiwanese crackers and fries online at Yummy Bazaar!

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