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The art of crafting the perfect charcuterie board as told by Three Little Pigs!

Charcuterie boards are the absolute favorites of culinary enthusiasts; you want to know why? Assembling the best charcuterie board takes creativity, patience, a deep sense of aesthetics, and, most importantly, the skill of crafting an exquisite, flavorful explosion! It’s a simple but fun challenge everyone must take on to master the basics of culinary arts (or just to win everyone’s heart at the next party they’re going to host!)!

Charcuterie’s the new food-craze: it’s super easy to make (compared to cooking up a meal), unbelievably delicious, and there’s something for everyone’s taste buds! It’s the dream snack board, and if you try hard enough, it can even replace your main dish. Perfect, right?! Except for cured meats, you can add myriads of other ingredients, but here at Yummy Bazaar, we’d like to recommend some essentials made by only the best Les Trois Petits Cochons!

Established in 1975, Les Trois Petits Cochons is a well-known American charcuterie company that offers its customers a wide variety of delicious pates and charcuterie essentials! They carry premium quality smoked meats, mousses, terrines, and many more delights, but today we will introduce you to their French delights!

If you’re planning on serving pate, you must get your hands on Les Trois Petits Cochons sour cornichons! Bursting with flavor, these perfectly crunchy baby gherkins are unbelievably delicious; it’s impossible to get enough of them! More importantly, they ideally complement ham and traditional coarse country pate! Shop Sour baby gherkins online at Yummy Bazaar, and wait to be amazed by the perfect crispiness of these French cornichons!

For cheese and crackers, we recommend you try Les Trois Petits Cochons spicy gherkins. Pickled in vinegar, seasoned with chili pepper and mustard seeds, these spicy gherkins will instantly pump up your taste buds! But don’t be scared; with its delicate hint of sweetness, these spicy gherkins are deliciously paired with mousses and smoked meats too! But beware, they will steal all the spotlight, so we advise you to stock up perfectly crunchy snacks!

For a delicious charcuterie board, you will need tasty toasts to serve, right? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! On our digital shelves, you will find the perfect Les Trois Petits Cochons mini toasts for making crostinis - tiny toasted slices of french bread! These will be ideal if you’re planning on serving your favorite dips and spread with your charcuterie too! An additional tip for the best charcuterie sandwiches: serve your crostinis coated with cream cheese, and your guests will thank you!

But for our food centrics, it would be safer to go with standard-size Les Trois Petits Cochons organic toasts; they will fit much more cheese and ham on them, yay! These French whole wheat toasts taste so delicious on their own that they need no dipping sauce or topping! You can also make sliders with these toasts! Let your creativity run free!

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