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One of the tastiest and fun ways to start your day is to fully enjoy a breakfast toast topped with a luscious layer of sweet fruity jam. But what if we told you that you could go beyond the typical morning toasts and add a touch of organic French jam to your very own fruit-flavored yogurt, baked goods, and creamy desserts? French know precisely how to start their day off right. Not only do they enjoy croissants and baguettes, but they also understand the importance of natural French artisanal jams. To help you get a full taste of a top-notch French breakfast experience, we have created a curated selection of organic Les Comtes de Provence jams so you can too have breakfast with a delicate French taste!

Les Comtes de Provence organic fruit spreads have been the brand’s symbol since its foundation in 1986. With over 30 years of experience, this brand ensures the high quality, non-GMO and organic production of spreads and jams while expressing deep care for nature and sustainability.

Les Comtes de Provence fruit spread comes in a variety of natural and organic fruits. Each jam is contained in a beautifully packaged and designed jar to ensure freshness and perfectly preserve all the fruit aromas! Whether you love the taste of strawberries, oranges, and figs or apricots and raspberries, we are bringing it all! So buckle up and come with us on a delicious journey!

The number one classic French fruit spread flavor? You guessed it, Les Comtes de Provence strawberry jam! This jar of strawberry jam is filled with the most delicately sweet strawberries to liven up your morning toast and add a strawberry flavor to your pastries & yogurts!

Want to experiment with adding some authentic orange flavors to your morning breakfast menu? Les Comtes de Provence orange jam has got you covered! This orange jam (not marmalade) will add an effortless touch of authentic orange flavor with its smooth and delicate texture! For a sweeter and less citrusy flavor, try Les Comtes de Provence apricot jam packed with large apricot pieces and thicker consistency, making it a perfect addition to toasts and the baking ingredient list!

For a jam that can be used well beyond breakfast, try Les Comtes de Provence fig jam with cheddar cheese on a cracker, or serve it as an appetizer on top of any creamy cheese. It will taste phenomenal! Fig jam is characterized by being very sweet while also having a thick consistency with large pieces of fruit, making them delightfully spreadable!

Everyone adores a good ol’ pure raspberry jam, and for that, we made sure to include perfectly spreadable Les Comtes de Provence organic raspberry jam. Serve this heavenly spread as a quick and easy breakfast toast accompaniment or incorporate it in your layered cake recipes - believe it or not, these French jams taste even better than they look!

With its sweet earthy taste combined with aromatic floral notes of roses and carnations with fresh and sharply cleansing taste, Les Comtes de Provence blackcurrant jam is unlike any other! This overpowering spread with a rich and fruity taste is packed with incredible flavor and a load of nutrients. Add it to your yogurt recipe, and enjoy!

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