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Le Guerandais - Fine Grey Sea Salt, 8.8 oz.

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Get your fleur de sel from the best French salt mines with Le Guerandais

How good must something that human beings have been actively obtaining since the third century be? If we’ve kept using it for this long, there’s got to be a reason. You’d probably assume that it has to be something that’s either crucial for our survival or just really good - and if you are a true foodie, French sea salt is both of those things for you!

Guerande salt mines have been one of France’s primary sources of the highest quality sea salt for centuries, and trying some of it for yourself is all it takes to understand why. With their current mining technique predating the ninth century, Le Guarandis is a brand that values their predecessors’ knowledge and uses it to the fullest. So peruse our selection of all the best the brand has to offer and discover your soon-to-be pantry staples!

Bring out all the flavors of your life with Guerande sea salt!

From Le Guerandis coarse sea salt to their stunning coarse gray sea salt crock, the varieties of this traditional French produce included in our selection are bound to bring all of your culinary creations to a brand new level. From savory to sweet dishes - everything needs a pinch of salt! Sprinkle a bit of unrefined coarse sea salt on your salads, caramel, and even as a finishing touch on some freshly-baked cookies! You can also add a dash of heat to any recipe with their sea salt with espelette pepper and enjoy all of the wonderful flavor explosions that you’ll get as a result! No amount of high-quality ingredients can save a dish without salt, and when it comes to something that crucial to cooking, there is no better option than classic French fleur de sel that’s been tried and tested by time itself!

Never go bland with authentic French sea salt from Yummy Bazaar

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