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What is that one beverage that so many people love and can’t get through the day without? A drink that energizes you, fills you with happiness, and brings a sense of constancy to your life... The answer? A good ol’ cup of coffee! Do you know what’s even better than just a good ol’ cup of coffee? An even better coffee! Coffee with just the right amount of sweetness, bitterness, and acidity combined all in one sip with no off-notes and perfectly smooth flavors. Creating such coffee takes years, and it can take years to find a blend that’s just right for you as well. But we just might be able to speed things up a bit! Do you know who takes special pride in their coffee? Italians. They spend their lives perfecting the art of coffee. For all the coffee lovers and addicts out there, Yummy Bazaar has created a curated selection of the most beloved Lavazza Italian coffee!

With a great passion for excellence, Lavazza makes each and every cup of coffee an undoubtedly unique experience! Established in 1895, the founder of Lavazza studied the art of blending coffee from around the world and learned the characteristics of each bean to meet the customers’ unique tastes. Today, Lavazza coffee is Italy’s favorite brand that offers exquisite coffee blends in various forms, including Italian ground coffee & beans as well as decaffeinated coffee and coffee pods.

Coffee is a go-to drink for many people, especially for the busy bees who need this magical drink to fuel them up with energy and motivation in the morning or at lunch. And for that reason, we have created an excellent selection of Lavazza ground coffee to take out that extra hassle of having to grind your own coffee at home! If you are looking for a harmonious and creamy coffee blend with spicy flavor hints, one of our favorites, Lavazza Crema e Gusto, is your perfect match! For smoother, medium-roast coffee lovers, Italian Lavazza Qualita Oro makes a delightfully tasty coffee with fruit and floral notes, creating a perfect symphony of superior taste and aroma!

Another convenient way to enjoy a perfectly brewed Italian cuppa is Lavazza coffee pods, an instant, convenient and hassle-free option that brings premium grade coffee with a more decadent aroma and requires little to no effort - let the machine do all the work while you get ready to take on the day!

There is nothing ordinary about any blend of Lavazza coffee, but their espresso is totally out of this world! With its flawlessly balanced bitterness, richness, and robust flavor, Lavazza espresso takes the crown for being the boldest, most intense, and refined blend that brings an irresistible aroma along with a burst of energy from the very first sip!

If you’re a fan of espresso but prefer to have no caffeine in it, Lavazza decaf espresso is definitely for you! For the fans of sweet, velvety, and mild Italian decaffeinated coffee, we recommend another excellent espresso option - Lavazza Dek Decaf Espresso, which makes for a wonderful hot drink, especially when paired with your favorite milk

Hint: You can also serve your Lavazza Dek Decaf Espresso as an ice-cold refreshing summer coffee!

Lavazza brings deliciously convenient premium Italian ground coffee and whole beans for those who want to experience the authentic flavor and aroma of freshly ground Lavazza coffee beans. Try out our favorite Italian medium roast coffee Lavazza Super Crema Espresso, for a perfectly frothy, caffeinated Italian coffee, which combines natural arabica and robusta coffee beans, making them exceptionally versatile!

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