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There are pieces of culinary art so great that it would be a shame (in some cases, even a crime) to miss out on a chance of giving them a taste! That’s why today we’re going to take you on a delicious journey of trying a one-of-a-kind legendary dessert called Eccles cake! On our digital shelves, you’ll find Real Lancashire Eccles Cakes, a premium English pastier specializing in crafting the most palatable sensory experience!

Eccles Cake is the signature dessert first made three centuries ago in Eccles, province of modern-day Manchester! Eccles Cakes are believed to be born in 17th century England, so that means Eccles cakes have DEFINITELY lived through the great plague, the Great Fire of London, AND the Glorious Revolution (don’t be so surprised! We loved our AP World History class!), AND, maybe, just maybe they might have seen one of Shakespeare's last plays! Alright, alright, the one thing we know for sure is that Eccles Cakes have proved to be more stable than most governments and historical figures of the 17th century ALONE (what can we say, it was the rough century). But all jokes aside, now you know, when we call these Lancashire Eccles Cakes legendary, we literally mean it!

Traditionally, Eccles cakes are filled with a harmonious blend of citrus peel, currants, and aromatic spices! And that’s all it takes to make something extraordinary! The formula sounds simple, but as they say, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, right?! Perfectly round, now these cheerfully flaky biscuits are often filled with fruit jelly or cream. This perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors is a quintessential characteristic of Britain’s beloved pastry!

So, now that you already know where to buy Eccles sweets, you must definitely get your hands on these traditional Lancashire Eccles Cakes made by Real Lancashire Eccles Cakes! Steeped in tradition, the Lancashire Eccles Cakes brand has over 50 years of experience producing these most delightful sweet treats! Only using the finest ingredients, these Eccles Cakes are the sweet luxury that will always stay with you from the first bite! So, shop now and get ready for the perfect English tea party!

Hamlet, Act III, Scene IV, line 82: Hello, your Eccles cake delivery is here!

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