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Incorporate nutty-sweet flavors and a solid structure of organic coconut oil into your recipes!

No matter how odd it may sound, coconut oil can be way more than just a moisturizer or another item in your bathroom cabinet, it can be a revolutionary ingredient in your recipes. With its high resistance to oxidation at high heat, coconut oil makes for a great candidate for cooking methods such as frying and baking. When it comes to choosing the best variety, the refined version is typically inferior to Virgin coconut oil. It simply lacks that pure coconutty flavor and smell. Virgin cold-pressed coconut oil not only provides the real coconut qualities but also a higher number of antioxidant polyphenols. In order to provide you with an outstanding aroma, pure taste, and smooth feel of real unrefined coconuts, we at Yummy Bazaar have selected La Tourangelle organic Virgin coconut oil from a wide selection of La Tourangelle artisan oils so you can level up your cooking game in the most authentic way possible!

Coconut oil works exceptionally well as a substitute for butter in baking. If you’re a fan of pancakes, then you’re probably using butter as your main ingredient for getting that perfect batter and frying your sweet fluffy delights onto the pan, but let’s face it, butter is not particularly well-equipped for frying: it has a low smoke point and burns quickly. La Tourangelle Virgin coconut oil provides exactly what butter lacks and so much more! Coconut oil makes for a better alternative to traditional cooking oils while providing a pleasant coconut sweetness and butteriness without burning the pancakes. La Tourangelle coconut oil makes for an excellent ingredient for sauteing and stir-frying meat, fish, vegetables, and eggs! Oh, and did we mention? It’s perfect for frying your stove-top popcorn! Whether you’d like to enjoy our selected La Tourangelle organic coconut oil as a regular ingredient in your everyday frying or baking, it is guaranteed to make for a versatile ingredient that’s going to help you level up your cooking game in no time!

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