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Summer can be a challenging time for even the die-hard tea-lovers: pouring yourself a warm cup of jasmine tea when it’s scorchingly hot, even though you might really crave it, can sound and feel like an actual medieval torture technique. However, at Yummy Bazaar, we're determined to solve all of your culinary problems and research the best possible ways to let tea-lovers enjoy hot summer days without missing out on delicious tea blends.

That's exactly how we discovered Kuang Chuan tea, a renowned Taiwanese brand, flawlessly capturing the herbal essence of fragrant tea leaves with their cold brews since the 1960s'! However, one particular thing makes the brand stand out even more from its competitors - with the groundbreaking technology, Kuang Chuan has effectively extracted aromatic amino acids from the highest quality tea leaves while reducing caffeine and tannins. That's exactly how their heavenly sweet cold brews are made. Unlike any other delight you've ever tasted, Kuang Chuan teas have the tempting mellow aftertaste that's going to stick with you throughout the day! Sounds tempting, right?! Then let's dive deep into the luscious world of Kuang Chuan!

On Yummy Bazaar's digital shelves, you will be able to get your hands on Kuang Chuan sweet green tea- made from spring-harvested tea leaves. This green tea delight has no bitter zings to it, something we have all struggled to achieve while brewing the perfect cuppa! The main culprit behind bitter green tea is usually incorrect steeping temperature or the higher amount of catechins in leaves - those naturally bitter compounds that make your cup of tea taste almost smoky. However, with Kuang Chuan, you don’t have to worry about anything because your green tea is bound to taste delicately mellow and pleasantly sweet, no matter what. Oh, and it's bursting with Vitamin C, so keeping it within arm's reach, in summer AND winter, might be the most delicious idea!

Kuang Chuan jasmine tea with honey is the ultimate green tea perfection. Created from exceptional quality green tea extract, this jasmine-flavored delight is bursting with a pleasant floral aroma, delivering the quintessential tastes of summer! Freshly picked tea leaves are infused with jasmine and laced with delicious honey for mellow undertones. That's why the Kuang Chuan one-of-a-kind trio needs no convincing; we’re confident; you can even imagine the lusciousness just by reading about it! Keep this refreshing drink in your bag, and quench your thirst with an exhilarating blend whenever you're craving that flavorsome boost of energy!

Oh, and who's that glimmering on our digital shelf? It's Kuang Chuan cold brew oolong tea, looking elegant in gold. This exquisite blend is manufactured using a unique extraction technique to flawlessly capture the intense character of traditional Chinese Oolong tea. Having an unbelievable body, the sophisticated richness of the Oolong cold brew seeps into your taste buds without overpowering them (even after hundreds of sips, and, trust us, once you give it a try, you will know we weren't exaggerating). If you're someone who's looking for finer pleasures even in their glass of iced tea, then Oolong cold brew is your match made in heaven!

With us, you can get your hands on classical flavors, too. Capturing the unique essence of the highest quality tea leaves, Kuang Chuan cold brew green tea is a full-bodied drink that will be perfect served over ice and fresh herbs to add a little pizzazz or can be enjoyed straight from the bottle whenever you're on the road. One sip of this green tea will make you pause and appreciate all the goodness around you. Leaving you crisp and clear like summer's sky, Kuang Chuan is guaranteed to become your perennial favorite with just an initial sip. Shop now, and we will deliver your goodies to your front door!

Taiwanese cold brew tea is the ultimate weapon to combat summer's heat!

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