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Give your breakfast a tropical feel with delightfully fruity guavas!

When it comes to exotic fruits, guavas certainly take the crown for being the tastiest tropical delights that will instantly teleport you to an island of fruity and floral flavors. This succulent green-skinned fruit is known for being abundantly loaded with fiber, antioxidants, Vitamin C, and potassium, making it an excellent choice for enriching your morning smoothies, fruit salads, and custard recipes. Guava has recently become an extremely popular tropical fruit that some might be too intimidated to try but believe us, it’s certainly worth it! To provide you with some of the most delicious guavas, we at Yummy Bazaar prepared a wonderful selection of Koo tinned fruits from South Africa so that you can enjoy freshly picked guavas ideally preserved in syrup for the best flavor in the most natural way possible.

There are over 30 guava varieties, with pink ones being the most popular, sweetest, and nutrient-packed of them all. With its musky and fragrant aroma, pink guavas taste a lot like a blend of passion fruit, pear, and papaya. Sounds like a heavenly combo, right? Well, all these flavors are packed in our selected Koo guava halves in syrup preserve, so if you’re looking to add the most exotic twist to your ice creams, fruit salads, custard dishes, and smoothies, give it a go! It will taste phenomenal!

Our selected canned guava halves are beautifully packed in a tin filled with sugar cane syrup for an extra layer of sweetness that perfectly captures the tropical notes and makes it ideal for enjoying straight out of the jar! There are infinite ways you could indulge in this preserve, but if you’d like to go with a traditional South African route, serve them with custard straight out of the tin and enjoy the most authentic breakfast packed with fiber. Guava has become more widely cultivated, but it’s still quite hard to get your hands on them, so if you’re craving this unique ingredient in your daily desserts, Koo guava will serve as an astoundingly luscious addition to your kitchen!

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