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It all started with Mr. Nisigawa and Mr. Inodaka, establishing one of the prominent names of the Taiwanese market - Kong Yen, tirelessly delivering staples to every household since 1941! The brand is devoted to capturing the pure goodness of nature’s essence in their products to offer loyal customers the finest quality, flavor, and sensory experience! While Kong Yen keeps on improving and sophisticating culinary formulas, we think it’s time that two of you meet! To explore the tempting aromas of Taiwanese rice vinegar, all it takes is a quick little run to our online collection of Kong Yen vinegar!

Kong Yen rice vinegar is a mild, delicately sweet white rice vinegar, ready to heighten your culinary creations with just a drizzle! From sushi to your summer salads, this Taiwanese vinegar will be perfect for adding complementary flavors to any of your favorite dishes without overpowering your taste buds. Combine this temptingly golden sauce with marinades or your go-to dressings; it’s as versatile as one bottle can get! It’s guaranteed to become your pantry’s favorite AND your secret weapon for making your culinary discoveries! Above all else, improvising and experimenting are always more delicious with Kong Yen!

And the gift of Kong Yen keeps on giving. Have you had the ultimate pleasure of meeting Kong Yen sushi vinegar? You might be feeling like you’re going through a culinary treasure chest of some kind, and, well, you have to listen to your feelings. It’s made from fermented glutinous rice, so even just a drip of this concoction carries a subtle sweetness that elevates your sushi creations in the blink of an eye! Most importantly, it’s seasoned to perfection with sugar, salt, and other necessary ingredients to impart elegance to your rolls or pretty much any of your favorite rice recipes! So, shop now, and try it yourself; Kong Yen is not one to disappoint!

Add a dash of flavorful explosions to your creations with Taiwanese rice vinegar!

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